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Free signals for binary options

Recently, we have written a review article on the topic of signals for binary options in this article we will talk about one of the types of signals, namely, how to get them for free!

Currently, the Internet offers many resources that offer free signals you can use for trading binary options. It is necessary to visit the site, where there will be different tables. Before the name of the asset, usually, the currency pair is the price. In addition, there are recommendations for the sale. It seems that everything is elementary, but should I trust these free signals.

The essence of free signals

Analyzing the quality of the trading signals that are offered free of charge, it is necessary to understand what they actually need. In simple words, a signal is someone else’s decision about the opening time of a trade transaction, it closes. This may be profit or loss.

We are talking about opinion, which formulates a certain trader or a software application, programmed with necessary algorithms. Everything, in this case, depends on you whether you will entrust your money to a stranger, which, moreover, can be a regular program?

Where are the free signals

There are three schemes for which there are such signals.
First of all, they can give the trader. This is done to attract attention to yourself, in order then to make a profit on such signals. You can consider this option the best, as such “altruism” has a purpose. The trader uses statistics and its main goal is the profitability of trading through which he can count on new clients.
Further, the signals can generate broker options. You can call this option the opportunity to experience the service of the company. Of course, the broker is not interested to merge all your Deposit. Signals usually provide full-time traders, using a certain strategy at work. Most likely, after the winnings will be losses, and so on. The fact that a key purpose of these signals is the is the shopping process.
Finally, there are advertising sites where you can get free signals. If we are not talking about traders and brokerage resources, the page will describe how to obtain the money for these shopping process. The bottom will be signs that provide recommendations on selling and buying. As a rule, informers from large areas. And at the bottom should be “read”. The basis of such signals — readings free indicators for processing which uses a simple algorithm to identify the trend. Count on some statistics, in this case, is naive. Use of such signals is silly.

Where to get signal
Open a dedicated resource in the section of trading strategies. There you can choose the option that is best for you. It is recommended to pay attention to the one where there is marked “simple”. Now you can download the indicators in the terminal, put the pattern on the chart of the asset, and follow the rules of the strategy that deals with the formation signals. There is no doubt that free high-quality signals can be formed only on their own.

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Binary options trading

Binary options trading is a way of earning money, which became available to everyone with the development of information technology, particularly the Internet.

Among other types of income in the global Internet, allocated the financial trading – trading on the stock exchange. Favorably this kind of financial trading, how to trade binary options. This approach to stock trading has become the most popular due to the high yield of the process, accessibility, and simplicity.

So what are binary options and how to make money?

First of all, you need to clarify what a binary option is a type of exchange contract that is used to make a profit on the price movements of assets (currencies, stocks, commodities) in global financial markets.

Income binary options depend not only on the price of a financial asset how much for a correct prediction made by the market participant. To a contract made a profit, you need to determine the direction of movement of the price of the selected asset until the completion of the transaction. That is, you choose the time interval after which the price of the selected asset will be higher or lower than the current. If you make a correct prediction, you earn about 85% (the rate depends on the broker) from the investments, otherwise, you lose all investment in the option. Thus, this tool is very convenient for hedging the risks of using other types of trade in the financial markets, for example, of the Forex market.
Concepts when trading binary options

The asset is currency pairs, indices, commodities, shares or other securities, which can enter into contracts to purchase or sell (PUT or CALL).

The PUT option – a Transaction of purchase of the option on a fall in the value of the selected asset is issued, if the expected price reduction.
CALL option – a Transaction of purchase the option to increase the value of the selected asset is issued, if expected growth rates.

One touch or OneTouch – Deal to buy the option at a price reaches a certain level (One Touch) or not achieve it (No Touch) before the expiry.
Expiration Time, the expiration date of the option, it is fixed the result of the contract.
In/Out-options – Deal for the purchase of the option, which is projected corridor, which will move the price until the expiration (In option) or access rates within the corridor (Out option).
Timeframe is the time interval on the price chart.

Trade binary options like an affordable way of earning through the Internet

Many experts say that today binary options are the most profitable way of earning. They explain this extremely simple because to obtain a sufficiently large and predetermined profit before you begin to trade you need to correctly determine the intended direction of movement of an asset.

The uniqueness of this type of income is that income can occur fast enough. There is no need for long waiting as in anticipation of the accrual of interest on Bank deposits. You can choose the time after which it will check the forecast on the price movement of the asset.

First of all, you must understand that binary options are not something magic that allows without risk make millions in a short time. That is, to earn a rather large amount, and quite quickly, of course, possible, but it is quite complicated and has certain risks. For receiving earnings, but not the loss of invested amounts, it is necessary to learn to predict market movement correctly calculate the direction of change of the value of the asset. Believe me, it’s not as easy as it can seem.

The choice of a reliable broker
For a successful start in the work for binary options, it is very important to choose a reliable broker. Such a broker who will not manipulate the quotes and will pay your profit. We recommend you to start with small amounts, to make a trial Deposit to verify, do a trial withdrawal and only then get down to serious work. Below are the top 3 brokers which we recommend to trade.



What is the difference between binary options trading and trade in the market Forex

The difference between binary options and Forex trading is, and very significant! And it consists mainly in the fact that to get earnings in the Forex market you have to ensure that quotes went in the direction of your prediction on a significant number of points, then you have to close the deal! But with binary options trading, everything is different – you will have the value of the above number of points. One item, passed by the price in the direction of the forecast, will be enough to generate full income! While it is known in advance the time of completion of the option (expiration), whereas in the Forex market you do commit time, so there is a risk of an unplanned significant loss that binary options are possible: you can’t lose more bets.
Why you need a broker?

To start trading activities, you must open your trading account, for this, you need a binary options broker.

A broker is a legal entity – a company that provides you services on access to a financial market where a trader, that is, you alone carry out operations. A binary options broker it would be better to call the company that provides brokerage services. This is quite a significant difference. The fact that brokers can be divided into two categories, brokers executing transactions on behalf of the client and at the expense of the customer, and second, brokers who operate on its behalf but at the expense of customers. The second category is, often, large financial corporations, in which clients are investors and receive a percentage of the total profits of the company. But the first option is those companies whose services we use when trading binary options.

Platform for binary options trading

The platform is a trading terminal, through which you can trade binary options anywhere and at any time.

From the trading, platform choice depends on the convenience that you will obtain when trading. A good platform is characterized by the following features:

  1. Quotes of the asset are presented in a large window, which simply enough to carry out analysis of quotations;
  2. Charts you can choose between linear and candlestick;
  3. It is desirable that the platform was integrated with technical indicators through which you can create your own trading strategy;
  4. Profitability of the options must be not less than 85%;
  5. The chart can be pushed back in history to test strategies and analysis, zoom out, zoom in, etc.
Trade binary options on Android and Apple

Traders have the opportunity to engage in optional trade without being tied to the computer. In the market for a long time, there are mobile versions of the trading terminal, where to trade binary options anywhere with an Internet connection. The main difference between mobile trading from trading the classical trading platform that trading platform will always be there in your pocket!

Overall, the mobile platform is just a mini copy of the standard platform of the broker.

Software to trade binary options

For a large number of traders around the world, the opportunity of affordable and comfortable earnings is trading in binary options. Reviews of professionals do not accidentally say that an easy and comfortable way to start trading is with automatic robots. These programs were created specifically to simplify the process. To customize the program, any trader, and then she, with the help of additional tools and indicators will determine market trends and to place the order. While you are busy with other things, spend time with family or at the office, in your account, there are trade binary options. Video tutorials unique methods and profitable strategies to help adjust your trading and to achieve the best results.

Auto trade binary options — a real opportunity for those market players who are not able constantly to be at the computer, and also for those who have this type of income is not the primary. Useful such software to trade binary options will be the speculators who are just beginning their careers in this field earnings but would have to have an income on Deposit.

Money management when trading binary options

Money management involves optimal and accurate strategic financial management, providing the most possible profit. In essence, is the science, teaching effective management of the Deposit for profitable trading in the long term.

Successful trades are ensured by the execution of one main recommendation, which is that it is not necessary to conclude transactions in excess of five percent of your Deposit.

How to trade binary options?

Getting started trading binary options you need to analyze and study the theory.

For a reasonable trade, at least, you must not deviate from a simple set of rules:
1) Find full information about binary options. Do not imagine that the earnings for the lazy. Will learn the theory, try everything on demo practice.
2) do Not throw in no time at all the money. This is stupid. Start with “cents” and practicing on a demo account. Play it safe and take your time.
3) Choose your broker carefully, be sure to study reviews, find out all the trading conditions find out how to serve in the selected company.
4) Never give your money to brokers to sell them on their own, without you. Brokers are not even allowed to advise anything contracts traders access to personally deal with customer accounts. As soon as such a proposal, take deposits and run, no turning back.
5) a Bit to save some money on the account, try to withdraw. It will calm you down and give you the opportunity to check the integrity of the company, the performance of the inference engine.
6) Always remember: the Deposit can be lost. Get used to the idea. If you can’t get used to it, take the best money in the Bank account. Will be more whole.
These rules of trading binary options will allow you in the early stages of getting acquainted with trading to build a clear system of actions, will make it effective will help to avoid unnecessary losses. The advantages of this kind of earnings many: a great option for remote work with the ability to make unlimited income, a way of self-improvement, learning something new, a real opportunity to change your life for the better — all of this offer today binary options. Online trading is convenient, affordable, and easy.
In addition, starting with trading, you have to determine for themselves the tools, strategies that will help you productively working in the market and to achieve high results. Each trader must decide for themselves how exactly it is more convenient to work in the market: this could be the trade volume binary options Express options, long term trading etc. trading Style largely depends on the personality of speculator, how he is willing to risk and whether he has sufficient time in order to trade.
This affects the choice of tools of a trader: indicators and oscillators support and resistance, the profitable techniques and systems that can optimize work with binary options. Trade in flat or trend in news time or lull in the market, no matter what you will choose as his profitable strategies that use the rules of binary options trading, improve your trading and achieve bigger.

Binary options trading divorce or the truth?

As with any work activity in the financial markets will not allow fabulously rich instantly. To earn it will require long and hard work.
Based on the fact that binary options in the stock market apply on an equal footing with other types of trade, they fall under the legal control of the regulators of different countries. Among them the most famous regulatory body CySEC. In addition, there are bodies such as FCA, NFA, FSA, ESMA, CFTC, ASIC, SIBA. The reliability of the binary options is also confirmed by recognition of the large and relevant government financial authorities of the countries with the most developed economy.
As far as is known, in the CIS the binary options market is not regulated. The government of Russia and other former Soviet Union countries at the moment, the law does not define the organs and mechanism of regulation of binary options. That is why in the options market of the CIS is currently working nonstate authority that performs regulatory functions – FMRRC (Center for the regulation of financial markets).

How to start trading binary options?

1) Should explore the variety of options
2) Rate the current situation on the market relative to your chosen asset
3) find Out methods for determining the contract price
4) find Out the advantage of operations with binary options compared to traditional. About the benefits can be read here
5) Make an accurate calculation of its operating expenses.
Is it possible to make money from scratch?

Yes, you can! For this, you need to “keep abreast” and follow the news and shares held by various brokers. Very often traders are provided with a special promotion that allows you to try your hand at binary options trading on a real account and real money. Study topics and follow the news, perhaps given the chance to try their hand without investing.
How much can you earn with binary options?
The value of possible earnings on binary options – it goes without question from among the rhetorical, and, although it is not a completely accurate answer, we will try to give some advice that can help you earn quite a lot!
Honestly, the question itself is not quite correct. You can earn as much as you yourself will! Probably need to ask the question – what to do to earn a lot?


How to become a trader of binary options?

Today I would like to provide you with a step by step guide how to become a trader of binary options from scratch. So if you decided to become a trader-you are welcome, this program is for you. I must say that the path of becoming a trader from novice to professional is not the easiest. But, of course, Vincent, though will require from you a certain percentage of perseverance, desire to learn and to learn new things, motivation in the end.

So, if you have wondered how to become a trader from scratch something to start to understand who is a trader and what he does. So, the trader is a financial market participant who commits the transaction on the sale of assets with the purpose of making a profit. In simple terms, people on price changes in the market. Actually, binary options trader likewise earns due to changes in market prices. That’s just to get the full amount of the profits it is enough to make the price has changed in the right direction at least 1 point. In more detail, I tried the binary options market terminology in the relevant article, as well as in Dictionary trader. Therefore, if you experience a lack of knowledge on the topic of “who, what and where” can read so as not to confuse binary options and binary auctions».

How to quickly and effectively lose deposit?

I must say that many newcomers think that in order to make the binary options, you can locate the Holy Grail chalice. That is any tool that would give them a 100 percent profit. Of course, this naive belief in unicorns, greed and the reluctance to learn yourself now and make extensive use of brokers and their managers. So today on the Internet today, you can find just the car and small truck magical ways to earn:

  • 100% strategy,
  • 100% LEDs,
  • Robots,
  • Trust management.

Let me tell you (“future” trader you need to immediately understand this), that trade with 100% result simply does not exist in nature. I have been trading for over 8 years, it’s a good idea to make, but my results are much more modest than that notorious 100 %. Moreover, all of these robots and magic strategies that promise you magical and easy money, serve only for one purpose, draining your deposit. Yes, buying strategy, setting robot or giving money to the Office of “Super Trader” you earn nothing, but rather lose the money invested.

However, I have already written in the article about the stages of formation of the traders, that at some point the newcomers simply don’t listen to advice, considering that they know better. Confess I already tried to discourage newbies from losses of their own money. Therefore, if at the time of reading this article, you just communicate with the manager that persuades you to a robot or other nonsense. Did you weakly do in what I wrote rig, settle for the robot? Let’s talk after you lose your deposit.

What do you need to become a trader?

So we dismantled, who is a trader, what he does and what methods should not use exactly in the trade. Before proceeding to a detailed programme, which I call the “I want to become a trader, let’s discuss a couple more points:

  • If you really decide to become a trader, be ready to work hard. Yes, Yes, will have to work hard, especially at the beginning of the road. So if you think that trading is very simple and easy and you do not want to do anything, here’s my advice to you is don’t even start;

  • And second, you must understand that according to statistics, 90% of traders lose their deposits, because they simply are not ready to learn, don’t want to work. If you don’t have time if you want to make someone made money for you while you go about their business. In fact, in this case, can again reread the advice I gave in the previous paragraph.

If you understand what it means to be a trader and are ready to start working, the next part of the article for you. Just please, don’t try to learn everything at once, nothing but the “porridge”. Select investigate each paragraph at least a few days. Behind you no one pursues, it makes no sense to rush and examine everything “diagonally. As I have repeatedly stated in trading as nowhere else works “-slow and steady wins the race”

The programme “I want to become a trader»

Next, I’ll provide a step-by-step program, how to become a successful trader from scratch. I hope my Tips will help traders to learn this profession. Those who are not scared and took up this part of the article, I want to say that in fact the Special Science here nor is there any “special” skills are not required. Believe me, I’ve met different people of different ages, with different education, different social status. They all were able to become traders because all of them combined readiness to new knowledge, willingness to learn and develop.

The basics of trade

Of course, starting with the study of basic terminology. Agree, it’s hard to imagine a successful trader, which confuses who and who is a trader, broker. So, to begin, I would advise you to review the following basic questions:

  • What are binary options (as well as trader, broker, timeframes, etc.),
  • The essence of trading binary options,
  • What are the assets of binary options,
  • Currency pairs on BO,
  • What is technical and fundamental analysis,
  • What is a Mani management (and why is it important to use it in Commerce


Prepare the workplace immediately. You will need a computer with Internet access and opportunity in the future to plug at least 1 monitor. I must say that it is not necessary to immediately buy expensive powerful hardware to work. To start is enough and a conventional PC or laptop. Further, your workplace must be in the room in which there is a minimum number of distractions. Because a trader works, precisely, should work in a relaxed environment to be able to concentrate. Again to start fit ordinary headphones with soft music that “executives” you from distracting sounds.

Binary options broker

Next, traders need to define the binary options broker, in which he is going to trade. Actually, today has bred a huge number of brokers scam which simply cannot make a profit. Won’t you scare stories about unscrupulous companies, just advise to take responsibility for the choice of the broker. In this regard I recommend to read the following materials:

  • Instructions on choosing a broker,
  • Article about how brokers fit for a trade.

I should add that I would not advise beginning work in the newly discovered binary options brokers (because they may well turn out to be scammers). Also no need to blindly go in company brand. History knows many cases when large brokers begin to deteriorate and roll into Frank scam, same 24Option, Opteck, OptionRally, etc. From myself, I can advise those brokers, where I sell myself at the moment. This company IQoption and Binomo (on the links there are reviews about these brokers, including mine). What good are these brokers for beginners, so this low size of bets, you can observe the risk management (you already realized that without it a profitable trade is impossible?) is already at the minimum deposit. Just in case, here are the links to the official sites of all these brokers:

  • Iqoption

Graphics-this is probably the Holy of Holies for each trader. So if you seriously want to be a trader, then you definitely need to learn how to work with charts. To begin, let’s talk about the charts start with ordinary living graphs, and only then (several months) if necessary (and it becomes a problem) go to MetaTrader. All the basic information about how to use live charts (how to add indicators, change assets, etc.) I detail painted under the graphs (simply scroll the page down a bit).

A little more about the graphs. Start your work with graphs with observations. Watch for the price as it moves, what regularities occur on schedule. I would even advise to “field notes” in a convenient format. Make tagging blog entries, take screenshots, print-it doesn’t matter, the important thing is to learn how to “read” chart. Try different types of charts (candles, binary), browse the different timeframes. This chart will help traders. So, move on to the next item.

Indicators for binary options

Relative indicators a trader need to be aware of the following: future indicators, alas, did not predict, and are based on the testimony of prices from the past. Therefore, it makes no sense to look for the most “magical” indicator, which suddenly makes your trade profitable. This will not happen. Also, do not build their trade on testimony alone indicators for binary options, understand that simply is not enough.

Of the indicators I would advise necessarily examine base (they, by the way, are automatically embedded in all the charts, download them is not necessary):

  • MA,
  • Bollinger,
  • Stochastic,
  • MACD,
  • RSI.

Chase them on the charts, combine among themselves, look at where their signals for binary options are correct. Also for the benefit of traders, I made a special reminder-contents for finding indicators for binary options.

Indicator Trading

Well, we continue our tutorial trader? The following item, which, in my opinion, traders do not just need, but simply need is an indicator trade. indicator trade also applies to technical analysis, however, has nothing to do with the testimony of the indicators. Out of all the magnificence of tools, I would highlight the following:

Support and resistance levels (a trader need simply required),
Candlestick models (time, two, three, four),
123 Pattern.
If these tools you will seem insufficient if you want “again and again”, then on the link you can see all articles filed under “indicator trade”.

My first strategy

We will continue our program to become a binary options trader from scratch. Actually, now you are ready to start developing your own strategy for binary options. In fact, if you really followed the preceding paragraphs, it is surely about understood what and how it works. In this case, you just have to start a “to line” to your system, select filters, swap lights, try different timeframes, etc. If such an understanding you have not yet understanding, don’t worry, you can always take any existing strategy and start to work with it (exactly as well as tested would be his own).

A little more about strategy for binary options. The meaning of the policies that they spelled out clear rules of an entrance to the bet. In fact, traders need to understand what it will do when the different behavior of the market still immediately prior to the commencement of the trade. And another important point when I say clear rules, I mean it is clear rules, without any type of amateur “seems to me”, “Oh, a long time ago there was no signal for binary options on my strategy, I’ll go in here. Friends, I have repeatedly said that intuition should be based primarily on experience (several years), so if you do not have such experience, and it seems to cut off. Well, if you’re not Good

Fundamental analysis

We continue our tutorial. On the fundamental analysis want to tell you, dear traders, as follows. If you do not know how to independently analyze the news (and I mean not analysis heads of bulls of the economic calendar), if you do not have the economic knowledge, you should not poke its nose in trading on the news. No, really, don’t think that you are the one so clever, learned to use the economic calendar. The market is much more complicated than just numbers in the calendar. There are market makers, who can manipulate the market. Many news is cleared in advance. In this issue of traders will help old-good rule is not to trade for 10-15 minutes before and after the release of the news.

Psychology trader

Well, you are still wondering how to become a successful trader from scratch (although if you get to this part of the article, it is certainly not “zero”)? Then continue. The last item is very very important. Because the worst enemy of any trader is himself. Yes, Yes, that’s right. He himself with all his emotions, greed, laziness, lack of discipline, fears, excitement …

The truth is that even constructing a highly profitable trading system, you can still suffer losses due to a lack of self-control. Such stories I hear almost every day, when traders after 4-5 a profitable deal in a row begin to increase bet amount (if not go all-in) and eventually lose all the money. Understand trade without downsides does not happen in nature, be prepared for it. In order not to merge all the earned money or don’t get in a big drawdown, you need to control your emotions, be extremely careful and disciplined. Discipline, in General, is extremely important, it not only helps traders, but it is also simply necessary for sustainable trade. On the topic of the psychology of trading in his blog I published the following material, which I advise to familiarize newcomers:

  • The main problems in the psychology of traders,
  • Types of traders and their features,
  • The stages through which pass (or get stuck) traders,
  • Why 90% of traders lose on Binary Option,
  • Causes of excessive trade.

In conclusion, I would like to voice some more important, in my opinion, points. Firstly, never trade on a demo. Currently, binary options brokers help traders to trade on the demo to those rather switched to real account. As a result of having a demo account excellent results with almost no downsides, traders merge your deposit on the first day of trading on a live account. So do not be deceived, start train “on paper”, this is what I wrote in the relevant article. Next, second, once again I remind you that Grails on binary options, so it makes no sense to go into an eternal quest “the same” strategy or indicator that suddenly make your trading success (successful it will make only patience and hard work).

That’s all, I hope my Tips help traders master the profession and eventually succeed in the market. We wish you success in training! If you can contact me with emerging issues. My contact information is in the relevant section (in the upper right corner of the site). By the way, especially for beginners posted top-10 of the most useful books about trading.


Indicators for binary options trading

Indicators for binary options help traders analyze the charts correctly and are a necessary part of almost any trading System. Today there are a huge number of indicators. They all serve different purposes and are also used in different ways. For convenience, I combined the best indicators for 8 major groups. All presented in blog indicators for binary options are free. That is, you can download any desired indicator for binary options perfect for free simply by clicking on the link in the corresponding article.

Basic indicators

Base indicators-these are the most popular and effective indicators which actually should start an acquaintance with the technical analysis:

  • Moving Average (MA)
  • Bollinger Bands (Bollinger)
  • Stochastic Oscillator (Stochastic),
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI),
  • MACD.
Trend indicators

Trend indicators, it is easy to guess from the name, is used to determine the market trend and is considered to be the most profitable indicators for binary options. In time to recognize what is now on the market trend (ascending or descending), you can open rates on its direction and profit:
  • Moving Average (MA)
  • Alligator (Alligator)
  • Parabolic SAR (Parabolic)
  • Heiken Ashi Candlesticks,
  • Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (Ichimoku Cloud)
  • TRO multimeter.
Channel indicators

Channel indicators outline the border of price movement in order to identify the most likely reversal points. You can use them both during the trend (for the correction) and flat (as support and resistance levels):
  • Bollinger Bands (Bollinger)
  • Envelopes (Envelopes)
  • Keltner Channel (Channel Keltner)
  • MBFX,
  • Donchian Channel (The Donchian Channel/Price Channel).

Oscillators are called online indicators for trading binary options that fluctuate up and down along the vertical axis. Using oscillators can assess whether asset overbought or oversold and predict a reversal of the price.
  • Stochastic Oscillator (Stochastic),
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI),
  • MACD,
  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  • Momentum (Momentum),
  • Stochastic RSI,
  • ADX,
  • DeMarker (DeMarker)
  • Accelerator Oscillator,
  • Awesome Oscillator,
  • Aroon,
  • Trix,
  • Trend Direction,
  • ATR (АТР),
  • Qualitative Quantitative Estimation (QQE),
  • Force Index
Volume indicators

Volume indicators help determine the direction of the so-called smart money concentrated in the hands of the big players (Marketmaker). The behavior of market makers needs to watch out because they have the greatest impact on price changes. Even if your strategy is built on signals the best indicators for binary options, but does not take into account volumes, achieve a positive result will be very difficult for the transactions:
  • Accumulation/Distribution,
  • Chaikin Money Flow (Chaikin’s Indicator),
  • Better Volume.
Indicators news

It is no secret that yields important economic news is always accompanied by great volatility. However, the traders (mostly beginners) sometimes forget to follow news that could adversely affect trade. Precise indicators for binary options news type quickly and easily solve this problem by displaying all the necessary information on the chart.
All indicators in this group by the author. That is, to use these indicators for MT4 binary options, you will need to download them first:
  • NewsCal,
  • NewsInfo,
  • Urdala news.

Level indicators

Levels play a very large role in trading. The correct definition of important levels helps to understand where you can expect a reversal or, on the contrary, reinforce the trend:
  • Murray levels (Murray)
  • Fractals (Fractals)
  • Zone (support and resistance),
  • Barry.

Indicators Of Price Action

Price Action is an approach to trade based on the behavior of prices. According to this approach, properly diagnosing reoccurring on a live graph model types, you can more accurately determine where next to go the market. The advantage of using models of Price Action is that even Super LEDs for binary options can lag and repaint, while the signals clear enough models in interpretation:
  • ZUP (ZKP),
  • Fractals (Fractals)
  • ZigZag (Zigzag)
  • 1 2 3 Pattern (123 Pattern)
  • Pinbar (download link at the end of the article).
Indicators without redrawing

It is no secret that most indicators have to redraw the property their signals over time. This is due to the fact that with each new candle on the chart indicator formula calculates the data again. And as a consequence, the indicator line also changes their position. There are a number of indicators, in which this property is righted. Download indicators for binary options without redrawing you can click on the links below:
  • RSI TMA Centered Bands.
Additional indicators
In addition to indicators for technical analysis, there are also tools that simply help to trade. And, roughly speaking, make trading more convenient:
  • CandleCountdown (closure of the candles),
  • Truly a Screenshot of Indicator (screenshots),
  • The indicator of trading sessions I-sessions,
  • Clock (clock).


Tips for traders of binary options

Eight years ago, when I first came in trading, many aspects had me incomprehensible, then on the Internet was not so much information about this area, therefore, had to learn from its experience, make mistakes and sometimes stepping on the same rake. You often ask me what advice I would give today “from the past”. Well, I decided to write 9 basic tips for beginner traders.
Binary options traders tips from the professionals

Who does not risk, he does not drink champagne? Risk-management trade

Remember, risk management (the size of each wager must be 1-5% of deposit) you want to use ALWAYS. Because money management is a direct path to stable earnings. No need to be greedy. If your trading system shows good results today, it will show them tomorrow.

So, if you see that the fifth consecutive transaction closes at plus-not worth a raise and even more so to go all-in. Next sixth deal may prove to be fatal. And another tip from successful traders: never need to override the loss rates to recoup, to use the martingale in trade, etc.
  • Kreks! FEX! Pex! Magic trade strategy

You often ask me to share my strategy or suggest another 90 per cent yield. Dear friends, please accept, as an axiom- Grails on binary options no. At least no one has found them yet. I understand that it would be very handy to get an easy win-win working strategy that would provide a stable 80-90 percent profit. But! In the real world this is not the case, only hard work is able to bring this result. So, my advice to newbies to binary options-filter strategy, study indicators, graphic patterns, trade volumes, the impact of the news. Together, these tools will give a very decent result without Grails. And forget about their “strategy” on the heads of bulls and “signals” for binary options with investing…
  • Money = emotions?
If you ask for advice from experienced traders, they will recommend starting with the amount of “not sorry” to lose. I’m certainly not saying that this amount would have to lose. But, as practice shows, if a trader is very afraid for their money, they do it, or the trade credit was the taken-the result will be disappointing. Because, being in a State of stress and, fear, traders are starting to make mistakes, to open in the wrong direction, recheck all (while keeping the excellent points for entry) and so Trade to idly out, calmly, not ” play faster and more “, and the result will be stable. On the features of Psychology beginners, I wrote here.
  • Who gives away their money? Choosing a broker to trade
Selection of binary options broker -perhaps the most important step for a successful trade. Let me give you an example, my VEHICLE consistently gives 75-80% profitable trades. Not long ago I decided to try the one touted by the broker. And what kind of result you ask? The order of 40% profitable trades closed in minus! This is a catastrophically unacceptable result. So my advice to all traders of binary options, as a professional, trade only proven major brokers. No small basement» kontorok. Firstly, the trade will not give, secondly, profits then may not withdraw-will have to start all over again. Also, do not contact brokers binary options that build their reputation in the advertising and focus primarily on massification. Imagine how many traders and relevant to them. And percentage profitability and cut, without a twinge of conscience, will shuffle their quotes. Then quietly pay their fine and will continue. In such cases, alas, very much.
  • Tools of the trade
I strongly advise all newbies to use only those tools you understand. If you do not understand the principle on which “magic” strategy gives signals for binary options-do not use it. Let’s give an example. Remember the strategy spread points with investing, where hundreds of traders lost their deposits? None of them understood what basis these data points. Always try to understand the interaction of the indicator or strategy, before starting to use any tool.
  • Choice assets for trading

My next tip for beginners: don’t focus on the currency pairs. Traditionally traders begin to trade the EUR/USD. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you should consider that at your disposal with the broker presents more than 100 assets. If you try to expand your horizons, it turns out that almost every day in the market you can find a pronounced trend. This need not be the currency pairs. Stocks, indices, commodities, futures-all these group of assets exactly amenable to technical analysis, and therefore on them you can earn. Moreover, the percentage of profitability can be higher than the notorious EUR/USD.

  • Country fools: DN, pamm, robots
Dear traders of binary options, my advice to you are to never need to provide data to log in to your account with the broker and even less money. This is equivalent to just give away all their savings stranger on the street. I recommend you first read what DO, what kind of relationship he has with pyramids, known to us from the times of Leonid Golubkov. About robots, I can say only one thing: that robots can operate in your account, the creator gets permission from the broker (technical, including). So here’s a question-whether the broker will allow binary options to connect a robot that is able to earn hundreds of thousands of traders (depending on the size of the deposit). In my opinion, the answer is obvious. Moreover, if the broker himself luring you Robot (by the way, be careful, IQOption created a new robot and actively promote). Not worth it to fill the cones and associated with notorious scams.

  • Study, study and study again!

Well, this time the binary options Board gives us Grandpa Lenin. Not a secret that you need to continually improve, acquire new knowledge, then and only then will you begin to understand the market. For example, very often trade undeservedly overlooked. I advise you to explore:
  • Support and resistance levels,
  • Pin Bars,
  • Models of Japanese candlesticks,
  • Fibonacci Levels,
  • Elliott wave theory,
  • Correlation.

Here you can get acquainted with the teaching step-by-step guide for beginners. And, by the way, I totally recommend buying trade courses BO.
  • Practice trading binary options
Well, the theory is certainly good, but the practice has not been canceled. The best advice on trade binary options: practice at least 2-3 hours a day. If you want to learn how to see the market eye traps on the market feel, etc. -will have to practice every day. But do not trade too much (more than 6:00), otherwise, the eye will start to “trading”, and instead, you will receive invaluable experience of very questionable porridge in the head.
  • The outcome of the
Perhaps this is all basic recommendations to traders. Hopefully, these tips will help you quickly become professionals on binary options. In any case, learn new aspects of the topic, practice, ask-get experience, much needed in this case. And another tip for traders. Always check all incomprehensible points, ask for opinions from other traders. Perhaps the answer lies on the surface. Oh and about my predictions for the world of binary options in the 2019 year you can read here. 

Is it possible to automatic trading binary options

For making money on the fluctuations of the underlying asset, you must constantly monitor the situation on the charts, analyze courses using technical tools to predict further price change and, on the basis of the data open trading positions. This way of earnings like not all traders.
More simple variant-automatic trading binary options. On the Internet, there are services whereby the analysis and conclusion of transactions are carried out in automatic mode. Consider what features of the work, whether binary options on slot machine profits and what websites can be used without fear of “merge” deposit “.

Description of the binary auto trading

The essence of the automatic trading system is to connect to the broker service or application that independently analyzes schedule and opens trading positions. From the trader is required only to make the trading deposit cash and provide data for access. In theory, this is the perfect way to get passive income, practical-a sure way to lose money from the deposit in case the selected option proves to be unreliable.

Automation is built on three principles:
  • Market analysis using technical indicators. The programmed algorithm performs mathematical calculations using formulas based on the underlying trend indicators or oscillators. After the match, the specified author signs of market entry is performed with the option up or down. The impact of such traffic depends on the effectiveness of the strategy laid.
  • Making a profit on the method of martingaleTrades in one direction with a constant doubling the value of the investment in the event of a loss. In this approach, the resulting profit sooner or later overwrites the losses and brings profit. This approach to automation requires significant amounts on the account and banned by many brokers. Because is only used as an auxiliary method of money management along with other types of analysis.
  • Copying transactions. This kind of trading machine is a copy of the transactions, successful analystsOnly the process not the platform of a broker, and on the third party site. Profit potential and the amount of profit depends on how qualified are employees whose actions are copied. Such proposals are usually unprofitable.
“Automatic” did not take account of unforeseen (force majeure) factors. Without trader participation system will not understand that currently declares economic news, there was a natural disaster or political event that changed the course of the asset. Therefore 100% of expected profitability during the automated trading is impossible.

The attitude of brokers to Automation

Earnings of firms that provide services for trading options depends on the performance of the traders. More money will lose the customer, the more you will earn. The company did not resort to dishonest ways, like spoofing, but Shirokov and not helping their clients to receive profit in automatic mode.
Eight out of ten firms explicitly prohibit automation. One example is Olympus TradeIn terms of cooperation with the broker has a direct ban on the use of third-party services. Users who allowed such a breach are blocked with discarded in favor of the broker all the available funds in the account.
There are reverse examples. The company Utrader, which is located in the ranking of brokers, does not restrict the user in the use of the services. But does not guarantee that the connection of automated trading will bring profit and not turn the loss of all funds from the deposit.
The best way to test the effectiveness of the system is to use it on a demo account. But that possibility did not provide all the services. It is therefore important to know how to distinguish the site with a really working “machine” from a scam whose purpose is only taking cash of gullible trader.

How to choose the right service

The above rules do not will insure against the risk of low-quality connection service for automated trading, but substantially reduce the risk of losing the deposit.
The safest option is to study comments about automated trading binary options. The presence of a large number of messages on the website says that he is popular with the customers. Positive feedback is good. But not all of them are trustworthy. It is important that the information confirmed the screenshots, excerpts, videos and so on. Negative reviews also not all are true. They write paid agents to reduce the rating of a particular service.
In addition to reviews, pay attention to other criteria:
  • The method of analysis and forecasting of the market situation. Low-quality and fraudulent automated trading program using primitive algorithms to analyze or act on the method of Martingale. That only increases the risk of “plum” commercial deposit. Better work program, which is used in the calculation of technical indicators. Even better is when you apply more than one filter and confirm each other’s signals.
  • You can test using a demo account. If the resource owner confident in their design, it allows users to test it on a demo account. Practical trading immediately shows whether profit or algorithm spends money from the deposit.
Another factor is cost. It is not decisive, but consider it necessary. Quality services do not require a fee for their use. Scammers usually require money up front. And the amount can be 100-1000 dollars. And guarantees of profit a trader does not get. Consider this question separately in the next section.

Payment for the automation of trading

Newcomers are often looking for sites for autotrading without attachments. Such proposals are not possible in principle, as contrary to the essence of stock trading.
On the Internet there are two types of automated services:
  • Paid. Before their use to authors or owners, resource trader transfers the money to gain access. Restrictions on a list of the available brokers no (except the firms themselves intermediaries). But minus that in addition to the payment to the author of the “machine” you want to make money on the trading deposit in the Terminal. Otherwise, execute trades and profit will not work.
  • Free. This is a good option for those who don’t want to invest a large sum for the start of trading. Automatic connection of the trader comes for free. But for those wishing to access must register accounts at one of the firms listed on the site of the service.
The second option is good so that the client chooses companies with a minimum deposit and making money, which is used for performing trade operations. One step, two problems are solved.
The owner and developer of a free site for automated trading profits, too. But it comes in the form of compensation from broker-partner. That frees the client from payment of additional contributions.

Overview of quality service for passive income

At present, there are 4-5 services-“machines” that bring profit to its users. The leader among them- robot AbiYou can use it to trade without personal intervention or a signal service. The first option is suitable for receiving passive profits. Consider more than it separates me from competitors.

Description of the robot auto trading 

On the official website — — is a detailed description of all features of this application. The following is a description of only the most significant points:
  • The service works automatically and Adviser. Trader customizes robot to carry out operations or provide background information that confirms or refute your own analysis. In the “Advisor” user insures itself against “plum” deposit due to incorrect operation. But open positions will have to be in manual mode.
  • There is a possibility to connect the service to terminals and 2-3 brokers. List of firms with which it cooperates “automatic”, presented on the site.
  • For the analysis of the market situation and decide on buying options Abi uses 6 technical indicators. The user specifies the ones that should be active. The more instruments involved, the analysis more carefully, but less than the number of entries in the market.
  • In addition to the analysis of graphs, Abi uses system capital management. Using the classic investment scheme (when in one position goes a percentage of the deposit), the method of martingale (only as a helper) and Fibonacci levels. The trader determines the level of risk and specifies the active systems in the settings before you start trading.


Win-win strategy of trade binary options on IQ Option

To receive a stable profit from binary options trading with a broker Iq Option you want to develop your own or take a ready-made strategy and closely follow its rules. Is there a win-win strategy for the IQ Option, or is it a myth? What criteria must meet the strategy to bring profit for traders on the IQ Option? The strategy of earning that won’t leave you without a successful transaction, described in detail in the material below.

What strategy can be called the best

According to terminology that suggested the use of the IQ Option strategy is a set of technical tools and tips on how to use them, which give the possibility to receive stable high profits. And it is not about single successful transactions and in the long run. One profitable lot cannot serve as an indicator of success, as well as a few losing trades does not talk about low-quality strategy.

However, to obtain the correct guidance does not mean that you will be enriched with the binary options trading with a broker IQ Option. Turbo strategy options, for example, require certain skills from the trader and not recommended for use by beginners.

In addition, there may be other causes of incorrect operation of profitable strategies trading binary options. These include:
  • Misuse of trading signals and councils;
  • The situation on the financial market caused by the publication of macroeconomic indicators or force majeure;
  • Faults in the trading platform binary options broker.

That is why we recommend that you use for trading firm IQ program Option. It provides all the necessary information and technical analysis tools to help you make the right decisions when buying or selling lots.
To work, you can use any trading strategy described in the training section on the official site of the company. But the amount of profit that you earn depends on the personnel action.
How to choose a win-win strategy for yourself? First of all, you must make sure that it gives reliable signals for opening transactions. In addition, it is important to understand exactly how the lights and technical analysis tools that you have used. Moreover, it is important to not just learn by heart alphabet of truth and to experience them yourself in real trading.

Selection criteria of win-win strategies

There are several experienced traders developed criteria that allow a newcomer to trading binary options chooses a really profitable strategy. All of them are listed below:
  1. Trade in the trend. Open transactions on the rise or fall of the course chosen asset recommended in the direction where it is the main movement (trend) in the selected time period. In this case, there are huge chances to appear with a plus. There is a strategy “against the trend, but it is recommended that you use only seasoned financiers.
  2. The use of additional indicators. Signals for opening lots usually give those or other technical analysis tools. But for their correct interpretation and use of expertise real trading. To minimize errors in the initial phase, it is recommended to use multiple indicators and enters the market when two, three or four instruments confirm signal. The optimal set of indicators-not less than 3 pieces.
  1. Proper money management. Any profitable strategy provides this option. So, for example, it is recommended that you do not at the time of the trade to the strategy of Martingale. Tactics of doubling the bet after every loss can and is good, but if you have an infinite amount of money on your account. Otherwise, you’re just forfeit the deposit and be disappointed in trading binary options.
  2. Fundamental analysis. Relying on the tools of technical analysis and trading signals, we should not forget the fundamental analysis and carefully monitor the output and value of macroeconomic indicators. At this time it is better to forgo making deals. And if they open a lot, then knowing where to jump the course index, stocks or currencies. Broker IQ Option produces market analysis bulletins that help you make the right choice.
  3. The duration of the transaction. Trading in short intervals of time (Turbo-options) can make a lot of money, but it’s too risky. Newbie to trading quickly “4” deposit and without waiting for a profit. We recommend that you start with strategies that expiry time not less than 15-30 minutes. Of course, if you do not priorities relative Lady Fortune.

Starting to work with any of the strategies, try it on a demo account. Broker IQ Option provides clients with a virtual trading account, which is $1000This is quite enough to make a dozen deals and hone their skills before using real money.

Trusted and untrusted IQ Option strategies

Section “training” on the website of binary options broker IQ Option offers several strategies with due diligence can bring traders a good profit. Among them are the following:
  1. Game on the trend. The most common trade strategy. It brings although not the highest, but a stable profit. The bottom line is that buying an option need only in the direction that moves the main trend in the selected time interval (the illustration is up). For example, if the company’s shares are on the rise, Yandex to open a CALL option. To determine the direction of the technological trend indicators RSI, SMA, stochastic.

The game against the trend. More risky, but also more profitable trading strategy. Its essence is that the trader should catch the moment when the mountains reflected from a line of support or resistance and roll back. This rollback and can be caught to get profit. To analyze the possibility of failure is best-explored shapes candlesticks or use indicators RSI and Alligator. The illustration market entry points are indicated by red arrows.

Hedging. The essence of this strategy is not maximizing profit and minimizing potential losses. But it is great for beginners. The bottom line is this: you buy the shares of the company in the hope their McDonalds (upward trend), but at the same time open the reverse transaction at a lower amount. If the first loss, you will be able to partly compensate for its losses due to the second.

Finally, the bit about “the most profitable and win-win strategies” that are sold on the Internet. This is the most terrible trap, which traders may face. No strategy can not guarantee the win-win trading. The best of them guarantee a profit for a long time and continuous trade. And all promotional offers about “break-even binary options” are just tricks scam that want to lure money from you




Ask in the forehead: you’re happy with your salary today? I would not like you to enlarge and improve working conditions?
If you are satisfied with the current state of affairs, can only rejoice over you. If not, advise trade binary options as a great way to ACHIEVE SUCCESS.
Earnings on the Internet becomes an increasingly popular source of income for many people. However, most residents of Russia and CIS countries remain “realistic” and mistakenly believe that the network earns a lot of Money. Because of this underestimation occur and other myths.
For example, the misconception that successfully trades on binary options can anyone got its dissemination it is through people, nothing crazy in Internet-trading.
In fact, such trafficking needs serious preparation.

Basic knowledge. What it includes?

The first thing I want to suggest: read my blog. It is specifically created to make it easier for newcomers to navigate in the trade.
The second is before you spend your first transaction, a person should undergo training business on binary options. Make it easy, so good brokers create such learning programs on your sites.
As a rule, the training course includes basic operations, revealing the purely technical aspects. «Tutorial» explains newbie, how does trading platform give newbies a core set of knowledge.
Having studied at the site of a broker, a person learns the following:
  • What do those or other elements of the trading interface;
  • How to choose an asset;
  • How do u stop the amount of the transaction;
  • What happens after you click on the button Put and Call.
Of course, this is useful information. If no such training, a beginner would hardly manage to understand the interface fields and to conduct the transaction. But we need to understand that all this information is in no way increases the chance of winning.
Know the theory — does not mean to succeed in practice!
Even if a person will learn by heart interface trading platform, as Soviet schoolchildren-periodic table, it doesn’t help him predict the movement of prices or create a winning strategy. All he knows is the terms and numbers. Certainly, they are important, but these are only the most basic knowledge.

What you need to learn to successfully trade?

To become a successful trader, you need to work with mental and 

analytical sides of the issue.
Technical information should be left in the past: its a bit, and its development of 1-2 enough hours. Much more important than other things, namely:
  1. The ability to predict price movementIt is a key element that enables you to increase the chance of successful trading. Without the ability to predict people will never be able to earn on binary options (well, except that he is very much lucky).
  2. The ability to stick to the chosen strategyCreate your own strategy from scratch is still that reinvent the wheel. But choose among existing strategies-a vital thing. It is trading strategy is a crucial moment, allowing you to reduce the number of purely mathematical failed, losing trades.
  3. Understanding why the price is changing, why it moves in one direction or another. Some honest brokers tell stories about it in training, but still have to examine this issue, as it should be poring over.
  4. Ability to apply the experience gained in practice and embody it in increasing the percentage of successful transactions. It is worth to understand that a successful trader became so precisely because of his experience.
First, you need to arm yourself with information that will allow keeping the percentage of winning trades at the level 50-51%. Improvement will come with experience, and it is inevitable.
It is important! People who say something like “obuchu trading binary options free of charge”, most often lie. Information is very broad, and it should be, including yourself.
Of course, for the money, many experienced traders will be able to offer newbies a sample of the most important and useful data. But if you spend money you don’t want to, it is better to study the materials themselves than trust the opinion of Gore-social assistants.

How to improve trading skills?

Still, say that paying someone for education makes no sense. To successfully use as revenue binary options, tuition-free would be a sufficient step. Anyone can learn all the necessary information on 3-5 days.

But there is an important point. Learn to with no less diligence than in preparing for the exam. Everything that you may need, you need to remember.

The first stage is a theoretical

As mentioned earlier, at the beginning of training a person should learn the theory. The main points that require attention:
  • the study of how financial markets work on what factors influenced asset prices on the market;
  • study of binary options themselves in the plane of the financial market;
  • reading specialized literature (usually good brokers it is free and can be downloaded directly from the site).
When all the above information had already mastered, you can proceed with the detailed study of the binaries themselves:
  • Mastering different types of contracts;
  • understanding the pros and cons of different types of commercial transactions;
  • choice of contracts that are more suited for beginners;
  • trade strategies and choosing the best option.

The second stage is the practical

The theory is certainly good. But even the most profound theoretical knowledge are not able to bring a single ruble income. In order to extract revenue from the acquired knowledge, you need to apply them in practice.
To have implemented successful options trading, learning it is necessary to immediately implement, without postponing the transition to practical exercises on a long drawer.
Schedule of trade sessions sometimes throws so multifaceted and unexpected situations which do not accommodate no tutorial. So learn them, filling the first bumps, you need to practice.
The best thing to do is to brokerages that offer an opportunity to trade for money. Of course, such trade does not bring profit, but it will not lose real money.
HERE’S MY ADVICE: Ideally you want to trade for virtual currency until the process does not become a semi-automatic and not coming a full understanding of all elements of the trade.
There are also brokers who can place bets ranging from 1 ruble. The truth is that lately there were quite a few.Virtual money is the best option for the first steps in trading. Ideally, you want to spend on such secure trade Liu 5-6 weeks and if each week increased the initial deposit at least 6-7 percent, then you can safely start trading with real money.

Third stage-selection strategy

How would neither affect the binary options online training, but the main way to achieve success is the choice of trade strategy. Follow the clear principle that is validated by tens of thousands of other traders is very important.

There are many different strategies that can be divided into 2 groups:
  • Math (this is a strategy to make the number of winning trades over a period of time greater than the number of losing trades);
  • financial management strategy (they allow you to define the optimal size of trade investment that people always had the chance to recover lost money and could not completely lose the deposit).
Strategies themselves very much, and describe them all doesn’t make sense. Find information about them can be found in specialized literature. Just to say that if people seriously questioned the idea of successful trading on binary options, it must choose a strategy.
Work without a strategy is meaningless. It is the same relying solely on luck, and she, as you know, always changeable.

Fourth stage-upgrading

This step is the last one, but it cannot be ignored. The fact of the matter is that specific asset prices hanging can change almost any time. If the price will be dramatically different, the schedule will start to behave not like led even today.
This is usually provoked by extensive factors, increasing of the macroeconomy. Refresher training involves the study of these factors, the ability to cope with them.
The main sources for the trader provide webinars and other training methods. Thematic literature also helps, but it doesn’t have to be booked for beginners. An experienced trader need is already more advanced materials.
When upgrading a trader learns about new methods of committing predictions and deals, finds and solves its own errors. Besides, “refresher courses” provide an opportunity to save time and money. Because information is received in finished form, allowing you to avoid our own mistakes.

Where to find materials for learning?

Newbie, who only came on binary options, you can easily find your way to training. The main thing is to choose a good known broker. On the Internet-portal of any of these brokers has links to special programs and literature on the topic.

There are free “tutorials”, is paid. It is clear that paid are more structural and useful, but also free material will bring their favorite. And here is to take information from untrusted sources should not be-it could be faulty or no longer relevant.
Highlight 4 ways to obtain educational information from the broker:
  • free and without registration;
  • conditionally free (need to register and/or make the first deposit);
  • refilling account at a certain amount;
  • after committing a certain number of transactions for virtual currency.
On the following sites you can find brokers with some tutorials, but them directly, as brokers, I wouldn’t recommend:
  1. 24 OptionThis broker offers beginners a free training course and advises download free book with introductory information. But his training center (a lot of which, incidentally, is not free of charge) and videos on the topic is complete crap, given how dishonest 24 Option behaves towards customers (blocking the account, does not print money and so on).
  2. OpteckThis broker is similar to the previous one, in that if there is a training Academy, informational articles and a few video tutorials are not reliability
  3. TradeRushIt seemed like a good book with interactivity and divided by the level of training of the trader (beginner or advanced) tutorials and video tutorials. But the broker is far from ideal: deceiving clients support ignores the appeals from the output amount half may go somewhere …
  4. Dragon OptionsTrade school on the site, in which there are free and paid eBooks, courses, video tutorials and webinars. But can I trust these materials, taking into account the fact that the broker most of the players is called a “cheater”




Hello! Benjamin Disraeli wrote: “Money is power, and not all leaders can cope with this great power.” A lot of truth in these words, because you need to learn how to not only make BIG MONEY, but also to properly manage them.
Options trading has many nuances. Often the rapid loss of money is not because of failed predictions, and due to the lack of qualitative risk management.
Another very important factor is Money for binary optionsIt is a special set of principles, rules, with which you can save the deposit from rapid loss.
Don’t want to let money “on the wind”? Then carefully read this article!

Features Mani management

Trading is a sphere in which you cannot constantly be right. There is no such thing as 100 percent successful predictions. For a long time will necessarily happen the wrong predictions, leading to corresponding consequences.
For this reason, a key task for each user becomes a learning experience of the period of loss. It is necessary to avoid catastrophic consequences in the specific case to capital.
The average of the deals you can get 80 percent of the income of about plus or minus about 10. And losses may be equal to 100 per centEven when using the partial repayment, the loss still would be very noticeable.
The market is a fairly chaotic place that excludes the possibility of a guaranteed second-guessing particular transaction. But when the number of transactions will increase continuously in parallel with experience, you can get to a new level.
Good deals may be more frequent than failed with the appropriate approach. Every trader will surely know that for the successful period usually is not the best.
Regardless of failure can follow literally one after another. It is not easy to understand the reason for what they are.
This can be:
  • A strong change of market, that strategy has stopped working.
  • Change the trader who for some reason has ceased to understand the market.

By and large, are two sides of the same coin.

It is IMPORTANT to learn to decrease losses if you cannot understand the market. The only appropriate way will be saving a deposit. For this purpose, and used Mani management.
There are a few simple rules. For example, the maximum transaction amount should not be more than five percent deposit. Typically, the top will deposit, the less one percent for the wagers.
Yet IT is IMPORTANT to learn how to properly evaluate the risks of such management. Percentage of successful transactions will calculate a snap. Simply divide the number by the total number of successful transactions.
Based on this information, you can make the right decision about wagering. Newbies may not always play it safe amount, less than five percent of the capital. This is due to some restrictions from brokers.

Investment in binary options

Why I recommend to anyone who wants to succeed, invest in binary options?
This type of investment is becoming very popular for many reasons. Now almost everyone can, in some circumstances, making the binary options.
They provide a variety of opportunities for earning. You can trade, for example, shares of well-known companies, precious metals, resources, financials, and many other assets.
To learn how to make money on such an investment, it’s important to understand how to choose the direction of growth rates. You can purchase options on a variety of dates that can be minute, hour or month.
Everything is very simple, available because the amount of risk and the profit potential is known in advance.
To start investing, you should pick up a good broker. After that, the process of registration, account opening and other such nuances.

Invest is actually not so difficult but requires a certain level of skills, responsibility. To invest, you have to select a term, condition, and other nuances.
Investing proved successful as much as possible, to use money management on binary options. It can be extremely useful, productive tool for maintaining own funds.
Competent approach to investing is a kind of success. Allows management not to make impulsive bet, which then have to regret.
Will highlight for you some of the main features of the investment:
  • Easy-to-use and affordable in fact for each.
  • The main task of the investor is the correct definition of price movement.
  • Self-identification of risks, the size of the potential profit.
  • The lack of dependence on asset value and price of the option.
  • 24-hour access to trading platforms to work with.

Withdrawals with binary options

Earned apparently Bo? Sincerely congratulate you! But there is another equally important issue is how these tools display?
While the broker an important nuance is the ability to properly withdraw cash with your own account.
Modern companies are trying to offer to users as many as possible options for removing money so they can under specific features to choose the optimal Variant.
There is a huge amount of payment systems, which can be used for financial transactions. There are electronic payment systems, bank cards and much more.
A very popular option is credit cards, where users without problems derive funds. You can use bank transfer. They represent the most reliable option for withdrawal.
Therefore, it selects a large number of users. But there are some nuances in terms of time spent on operations. Many regards this moment as a significant deficiency.

E-WALLETS are a different speed. Some brokers handle applications very quickly. You can even withdraw them immediately. Another significant advantage is a small Commission. It is usually much less than the basic techniques.
Each user probably wants to understand how to withdraw money from the binary options. For this purpose at the moment is offered plenty of opportunities. During registration, the user is prompted to select the best way to refill.
Recommend to approach his choice with the maximal responsibility, because sometimes you can only withdraw money only in the way that they used to recharge.

For example, someone joins a deposit using Webmoney system. Thus it will be possible to withdraw money through it. But this version is now considered one of the most convenient, fast and simple. It’s easy to navigate through the issues of withdrawal, apply and settle all other important nuances.

How to buy binary options?

To trade was clear, comfortable, let’s see in detail the purchase options.This will start your business!
You can purchase them on a variety of assets, for example, shares of large companies, indexes, and everything else. The purchase is essentially a virtual. The trader does not receive physical media.
Buying stocks today is not a purchase sheet of paper, and entering the information about the new owner in the register.
To purchase the option to open an account in the company-broker, which is pretty simple. You just have to register directly on the site of the company. Fills a small questionnaire, replenishes the account.
Nota Bene! What’s great is the capital, so a great opportunity to purchase contracts will be made available to the user. Accordingly and increase the chances of getting money.
Profit on this tool always fixed in a certain amount of interest. Yields can vary, but most often is about eighty percent. But sometimes it above and below.

It is important not to forget the existence of time limits for each such contract. Before the purchase option price, receives some selected dates of execution. When he comes, summarizes the relevant outcome.
You can buy a contract, where the price would rise to a specific point. You can buy and return the type of contract where the value of the asset should fall.
Both options yield will be the same, and the difference in buying will be minimal in technical terms. The only difference is the choice of a particular button on the brokerage trading platform.
As you can see, the purchase of should does a minimal amount of action. The system will show the result to the user after the completion of the transaction.

After registration and replenishment of the deposit, the user receives a personal cabinet. There you can select assets to carry out their analysis.

Modern brokers and most offer fairly comfortable trading platforms that are easy on the intuitive level. Do all the basic work is quite simple.
This task can handle practically every user, even one who did not previously have seen similar trading terminals.
Differences often have some cosmetic character, because different brokers terminals may have another type of accommodation of the main element.
But otherwise they are very similar. Typically, the basic functionality in each case is the same. This allows all easily comprehend the main platforms for effective trade if they already have at least some concept.

Will highlight for you some SIGNIFICANT MOMENTS that have a direct relationship to the purchase OPTIONS:
  • There is no need to use additional software because all the main action takes place directly in the personal area.
  • The option value can be set independently.
  • The registration process takes a little time.
  • You can conduct financial transactions in a variety of ways.
  • Proven brokers guarantee withdrawal of funds without any problems and difficulties.
If we consider the sales process from a technical point of view, problems with the purchase of should not be at anybody. You may receive questions regarding analysis, determine the optimal directions and all other nuances.

Binary options 

Today all of them at the hearing. Someone on this makes a huge amount of money, with people getting rich in a matter of days. Such a possibility was pretty darn attractive.
It is therefore not surprising that such the same like them have become quite popular as these options. Therefore, trade is becoming very popular.

Options on oil

There is such a good aphorism about oil: “wrong tube feeds, as its branches“. Around this natural resource to turn great grandmother (of course, we are talking now not about elderly women). Including a decent profit give binary options on oil.
This raw material is one of the most popular assets on the market today. Investors can earn on fluctuations in the cost of crude oil.
The mood in this market vary strongly enough. If you receive too many proposals, the cost of raw materials falls. If this number is decreasing, respectively an uplifting value.
If you learn to qualitatively from lezhivat news related with the leading producers of oil, you can give the correct predictions, acquire the desired options. This topic is very interesting.
Therefore, this type of option trading is becoming more common. If you purchase an option to guess the direction of prices on it, you can get a decent level of profit.
Thorough analysis allows us to achieve a good level of wealth almost all transactions in that format.


iqoption withdrawal

Starting work with a broker, you must ask in advance about possible variants of withdrawal earned funds. It is one thing to this deposit, the other is getting their profits in the form of a wire transfer. That this account can suggest the IQ Option broker, offering traders to test their strength when working with binary options? What withdrawal methods it offers its clients?

Security measures

IQ Option carefully refers to the financial security of its clients. Consequently, restrictions apply for new users who commit their first conclusion. For example, the broker may require to pass the verification of payment data. That is, confirm that the registered person prints money it is at their own expense, and not on the balance of the third persons. You have to understand that if such precautions do not exist, the broker could be used by criminals for the so-called “laundering” of money. That is, enter the deposit finance from fake accounts and next-show them the real bank cards (maybe even through several intermediaries).
In addition, verification of payment information is a guarantee that the trader will get their honestly earned money. It only need to confirm that the specified them an electronic wallet (bank account or card) are his property. This check is performed only once for each entered the purse.
But you should also notice that the holders of personal passports, working with WebMoney, this procedure does not encounter. Because the verification of passport data of such traders in advance already held by the company. Only in this way can they get a personal account. Accordingly, rather than reiterating here need to just open the (temporary) access to contact data of the participant of the payment system.
With bank cards, things are somewhat different. As a rule, there will need to send a scanned copy of the first page of the Passport, as well as a photo of the front of the credit card itself (the opposite direction to expel in no event it is impossible, as it contains the CVV2-code to execute remotely transfer money even in the absence of maps on hand). More detailed instructions for verification of the Broker sends to the user at the email address provided during registration.

Still need to mention that when you run the account recharge by credit card, you will only be able to withdraw funds to which previously conducted depositing on your deposit. With the transfer, the amount may not exceed the inputThat is, if the trader previously introduced its depot 100 dollars by credit card, then in the future, it could on it display only those same 100 dollars. If the same when working with binary options is good then the profit earned it can display on any other electronic purse. That is why to use bank cards at work on IQ Option is not the most convenient option. In the future register eWallet you will still have to.

Withdrawal options in the IQ Option

The IQ Option withdrawal may be carried out by the following methods:
  • Bank transfer;
  • on cards Visa, Mastercard;
  • WebMoney (USD, euro and rubles);
  • on Yandex-money purse;
  • NETeller;
  • Skrill;
  • Qiwi (except Russian numbers);
  • FasaPay.
With which the Commission executes in IQ Option withdrawal? Broker for all financial transactions does not charge any Commission. Deductions can only be conducted in favor of payment systems themselves (if any conditions of their work). For example, in WebMoney for all monetary transactions, the Commission operates at 0.8%. The specified percentage of the amount transferred is not a broker, namely company WebMoney for the opportunity to use an electronic wallet. When compiling an application in the personal account Option IQ information indicated.
How long does it take a withdrawal from my deposit? All applications are processed within 3 working days (from Monday to Friday, until 6:00 pm Moscow time). But, as a rule, the user gets their money much faster (approximately 1-2 days). The only exception is the Commission of bank transfer (or map). There may require 4 banking days, of which 3 days is the consideration and confirmation of application broker himself, even 1-day enrollment tools themselves (on the working conditions of all banks).

As you withdraw money?

As practice shows, it is more convenient to carry out all financial transactions with an IQ Option through electronic purses, the type WebMoney, Yandex-money or Qiwi. Firstly, the funds are on deposit with them instantly, secondly, there is the smallest of the Commission. A large part of the traders from the CIS works with Qiwi and WebMoney. It should be borne in mind that If you obtained one or more options, pending completion of a portion of the money will be locked (determined by the size of the bet).
Yet it should be noted that it is more convenient and more profitable to just withdraw large sums, rather than several small ones. For WebMoney in this respect there is no difference, and that’s where Commission is charged for the service at 1.8%, while a further 50 rubles, it is better to do one large request to withdraw (Commission in 50 rubles is provided only for users that are registered in one country, but actually live in another, so that their wallet is registered at the Russian mobile number).
The application itself is best done at the beginning of the work week-so less just have to wait, and the administration of the IQ Option will put the operation queue as quickly as possible. This already applies to any payment systems used, and not just electronic purses. Newcomers  funds for the first time, the application does a better leave Monday because 1-2 days can take verification of identity and payment information (if necessary).

Problems with withdrawal

Problems with withdrawal from IQ Option may occur is that beginners, who have used bonuses on deposit. But here everything is clear-broker simply protects yourself from unscrupulous traders who register on the site to only get the same bonus. The essence of the restrictions is that the user should conduct operations with binary options for 35 times more than the size of the bonus received. That is, if the trader will receive a supplement to their deposit in the amount of $10, then output them he can only once will hold financial transactions in the merchant interface for a total amount of $350. Only then will he be able to cash out any amount of bonus money. The real means they have nothing. Their own finance trader can withdraw at any convenient time, without any restrictions.
The delay in the withdrawal of money may also occur against the backdrop of public holidays, but the broker to all of its customers about this in advance, warns and proposes to create a request to withdraw funds. But here “culprit” is the technical side of conducting financial transactions, which in no way from the broker does not depend.
What if more than 3 days, but the money in the account and does not come from? You should contact the broker by specifying the right application number (can be found in “history”).

How to apply for a withdrawal?

So, how do I withdraw money with IQ Option? To do this, you must open a personal account and click ‘ withdraw funds ‘ tab. The user interface opens before compiling the application. For output to WebMoney, you need only specify the amount the trader wants to get (not necessarily because the display is absolutely all), as well as the wallet. The same applies to other electronic wallets.

When a bank card or when making the transfer you will need to also specify the payment details (you can get in the Bank), identification code, registered address (or current) passport data. After filling in all the fields click the icon “no remains to withdraw.” “History menu” you can in real time to track the status of all earlier applications, as well as show all financial transactions (withdrawal, replenishment, receiving bonuses, bonus withdrawal and so on).
If the user had never liked his deposit, the ability to withdraw funds is hidden. Click the menu item itself in personal cabinet will be, but choose it is impossible. Samu application file is also not possible.

Withdrawal after blocking an account

If a trader’s account for any reason has been blocked (trade simultaneously with several trading interfaces, for example), his account will be checked. Not charged amount will be allowed in the future to the conclusion on those payment details through which the deposit occurred. More detailed instructions will send to email myself the broker. Unfortunately, How long does it take to check itself is not specified (individual for each account).

The minimum withdrawal amount

The most minimum amount of payment systems for the filing is only 10 dollars (10 euros, 300 rubles, depending on which currency to refill and subsequent trade). However, it is worth noting that when you perform the bank transfer will vzy standard Commission payment system for 50 dollars. Accordingly, for the translation on the trader’s account shall not be less than 60 dollars. This is not the most profitable variant of encashment of own funds, so they should use exclusively when outputting large amounts.
With regard to the maximum amount, it is limited to the framework of the payment system. For example, in Kazakhstan by Visa and Mastercard maximum turnover funds per day must not exceed 15 thousand dollars (or currency equivalent). In other countries-other limits. All this information you can ask support service in advance the payment system.
But for any electronic purses minimum for application-these are the 10 dollars or 300 rubles (if the deposit was performed by Yandex purse, Kiwi or WMR). The Commission for the translation itself is not counted. That is, if you want to display in WMZ, then the trader will ultimately receive slightly less than $10. But for compiling applications need exactly this amount and nothing less.
And most importantly-the IQ Option had not been not closed financial requirements from the client. I.e., all applications have already been implemented and no complaints from traders to a broker not. You can independently verify, analysing information on thematic resources. In General, distinguish a responsible broker from so-called “best kitchen” on his reputation and availability of financial commitments, speed of execution of requests to withdraw money. The IQ Option with this is no problem, despite the fact that the company is not the first year. Those “kitchen” during this period, as a rule, are closed. Therefore, absence of claims is a major proof that the broker is reliable, as well as have real access to the work on the global currency market.