75 serious ways to make more money in 2020

Making money quickly is a wish of many people.

But few jobs offer this abbreviation or are serious.

Below you’ll find 75 ways to make money for your own business or other needs.

    1. Carrying out newspapersProbably the most classic side job, which is mostly done by students and young people. Doesn’t bring the big money, but at least.

      More side jobs specifically for students can be found in the following video:

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    2. Donating blood

      Blood donations are required on an ongoing basis and, depending on the provider, are remunerated with around 15 – 50 euros per donation.

    3. Making money with FacebookCreate a Facebook page on a narrow topic and fill it with content. For example, once you’ve built a community, you can post affiliate links that lead to products or services that your followers use.
    4. Start your own blog

      Through vendors such as WordPress, you can start your own blog in a few minutes and use it to sell your own products/services or refer to other products, for example.

    5. Change your current account

      Many providers offer rewards for switching accounts, and you can save on any fees with your current provider.

      The following table will help you find a better current account for you:

    6. Sell photos

      On platforms like Fotolia or Shutterstock, you can set and sell your own photos.

    7. Programming apps

      Even if there seems to be an app for everything, maybe you’re discovering a gap in the market and can make money from your own app?

    8. House SittingThe homeowners are on holiday looking for someone to look after home and animal? That’s where you come in and can live in the house at a low cost. With providers like trustedhousesitters.com you will find many offers for House Sitting Jobs.
    9. Amazon FBAFulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has become more and more popular recently. You send your own products to Amazon and the mail-order company takes care of the shipping to the customer and possible returns.

For more information about Amazon FBA, watch the following video:

Can you really make money with Amazon? 💰💰💰 | Amazon FBA | Interview with Gil Lang
    1. E-booksDo you have extensive knowledge about X and would like to help other people with it? Nowadays, an e-book can be quickly drafted after a little training time and can also be sent to the woman or man with the right strategy.
    2. Affiliate Marketing

      In affiliate marketing, you sell products or services from others and receive a commission for each sale.

    3. Conduct online surveys

      Online surveys can be conducted virtually anywhere, giving you a small side income.

    4. Instagram

      Create a profile on Instagram and choose a theme that should match your posts.

      You can quickly make money, for example, through collaborations with other companies or through affiliate links.

      Hier erfährst du, wie du mehr Instagram Follower bekommen kannst.

Weitere Infos zum Thema Geld verdienen auf Instagram bietet dir folgendes Video:

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    1. YoutubeAuf Youtube kannst du Videos hochladen und darin eigene oder fremde Produkte empfehlen und in der Videobeschreibung verlinken.
    2. Nutze KreditkartenEinige Kreditkarten Anbieter schreiben dir bei Nutzung der Karte ein wenig Geld gut.

      Welcher Kreditkarten Anbieter der beste für dich ist, zeigt dir folgende Tabelle:

    3. Privatkredite vergebenDurch spezielle Plattformen kannst du an andere Menschen Kredite vergeben, die dir dafür Zinsen zahlen.
    4. E-Mail MarketingBaue dir durch einen Blog oder ähnliches eine Newsletterliste auf und verkaufe über diese eigene oder fremde Produkte/ Dienstleistungen.
    5. Nutze das InternetA very general tip, right. But look at how others on the Internet make money and not only consume the offers. Some tips can also be found in this list.

For more tips on how to make money on the Internet, here’s another video:

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    1. Seasonal eventsRemember the Pokémon Go hype some time ago? Take advantage of these opportunities and create videos or e-books on the topic, for example.
    2. Selling itemsYou already have your own website or play with the idea? On this you can sell items, so-called sponsored posts, and thus make money with the blog. Please note that you must mark these articles as advertisements accordingly.
    3. Twitch

      Twitch is an online streaming service where viewers can watch you play and support you with donations.

    4. Poker

      Again, this is a more unusual tip, but there are people who can play poker professionally and live off it.

    5. Selling unnecessary thingsYou have things in your household that you haven’t used for a long time? Why not make money and sell them on eBay, Wirkaufens or the local flea market?
    6. Design T-Shirts

      Online shops such as Spreadshirt.de allow you to open your own online shop where you can design and sell your own T-shirts and other products.

For more information, please watch the following video:

WITH T-SHIRTS ONLINE MONEY on THE INTERNET – 5 steps to your own online business
  1. Writing texts

    With platforms such as Textbroker or Content.de you can accept text orders and earn money according to your qualifications.

    Of course, you can also become self-employed as a copywriter and thus usually earn more money than on text platforms.

  2. Use Etsy

    On Etsy, you can open your own online shop and sell your own creations.

  3. E-sports

    The topic of e-sports has been becoming more and more popular recently and tuners are being carried out with prize money.

  4. Real estate

    No tip for beginners, but with real estate you can make good money in today’s time.

  5. Babysit

    Also a classic job for students – so why not?

  6. Provide tutoring

    Especially if you are an expert in a field, you can pass on your knowledge to students and adults for payment.

  7. Social Media ManagementYour strengths lie in social media marketing? You can also use your knowledge for other companies and their social media channels and have them remunerated accordingly
  8. Online coursesYou have a lot of knowledge about a topic and would like to create an online course? Don’t let it stop you. For example, you can advertise the course through your website or social media channels.
  9. Translate texts

    If you like one or more foreign languages, you can use this knowledge and translate it as texts.

  10. Rent your apartment under

    Through providers like Airbnb, you can sublet your own apartment on a daily basis to earn money.

  11. Investing fixed-end deposits

    Providers such as Weltsparen enable you to invest fixed-term deposits abroad and thus benefit from the higher interest rates than in Germany.

    The following table offers you a comparison of various fixed-deposit offers:

  12. Selling waste paper

    By selling old newspapers and advertising inserts, you can build up a small side income.

  13. Work as a cashier

    Supermarkets are always looking for cashiers and usually also offer flexible working hours in the evening and at weekends.

  14. Become an Uber/ Clevershuttle Driver

    Through these providers you can also earn some money besides your normal job.

  15. Waiters

    Especially in summer there are many open jobs in the gastronomy, which can be worthwhile mainly due to the tip of the guests.

  16. Become a lifeguard

    With the right training, you can pay attention to bathers outdoors in summer or in indoor pools in winter and intervene in an emergency.

  17. Become an assistant

    Go shopping for other people, take care of your laundry or make phone calls – there are many tasks for assistants that can help you in your future career.

  18. Sales booksYour bookcase has no place or you have already read all the books? Why don’t you sell them and earn a little money so quickly?
  19. Work overtime

    If you are already in a job and get paid overtime, why not do more and make the service pay accordingly?

  20. Question of a salary increase

    Depending on the professional field and experience, salary increases are quite possible and thus increase your salary for the same working time.

  21. Investing daily moneyIn addition to current and business accounts, most banks also offer daily money accounts where you get interest on your invested money. The advantage of this is the daily availability of your invested amount.

    The following table helps you compare daily money offers:

  22. Advertising on your car

    By advertising on your car, you can earn money almost incidentally.

  23. Work as a comparator

    Comparators are searched for in many films and usually booked for several days in a row.

  24. Sales breast milk

    An unusual tip, but if you produce too much of it, you can sell breast milk to appropriate suppliers.

  25. Use of Cashback

    Cashback will give you a little money back every time you make a purchase and you can use the money you save for other things.

  26. Become A Mystery Shopper

    During Mystery Shopping, you go shopping in predetermined stores and rate your shopping afterward.

  27. Work as an Au Pair

    As an Au Pair, you will usually be paid and can also get to know a new country and new people.

  28. Making a tax return

    Often you will receive a tax refund after submitting your tax return, which may well be worthwhile depending on the case.

  29. Transcribing Interviews

    By transcription of interviews and other audio files, you can easily make money.

  30. Moderate forums

    Internet forums need people to monitor them and remove inappropriate comments or users or intervene in conflicts.

  31. Collect deposit bottles

    Certainly not the best job, but especially at concerts or festivals you will find a lot of deposit bottles.

  32. Become a youth coach

    After a corresponding course, you can earn money, for example, as a football coach for youth teams, but also in many other sports.

  33. StockYou can also make money through stocks. But beware: Not suitable for beginners, please read in detail beforehand on the subject.

    The following table shows you the best custodians for stock trading:

  34. Test websites

    Testing websites by real users is very valuable for many operators and is therefore also used.

  35. Build PCs togetherYou know the technology well? Use your knowledge and build individual PCs from individual parts that you can order normally on the Internet.
  36. Work as a removal assistant

    Especially in small moves, one or two helping hands are often sought to help with the move.

  37. Dogs sit

    Dog owners also have to work during the day – so why not sit down with the dog and play with it and go to gassi?

  38. Work as a cleaning aidProviders such as Book a Tiger offer cleaning aids. If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a small tip from your customers.
  39. Use classified ads portals or the blackboard

    There you will often find many jobs that can be started at short notice.

  40. Promotional jobs

    You alert passers-by to special promotions and thus attract new customers to the company.

  41. Modeljobs

    Often “normal” people are also sought, who do not correspond to the usual model measurements.

  42. Medical studies

    People are regularly sought for new drugs or treatments.

  43. Building furniture

    Not everyone is as skilful as you or doesn’t have the time to build their own furniture or drill a hole in the wall.

  44. Use local events

    Often there are many jobs at a city festival or the Christmas market that you could fill.

  45. Work in customer service

    You help customers with questions and problems by e-mail or phone.

  46. Delivering food

    The possibilities range from the classic pizza delivery service, the delivery of food for the elderly or as a bicycle courier at Foodora or Deliveroo.

  47. Jobs at trade fairs

    Various jobs are offered at trade fairs: security, stand staff, entrance staff, catering staff – to name but a few.

  48. Edited texts

    Check finished texts for spelling and grammar errors and prepare them for publication.

  49. Virtual assistance

    Help your customers with recurring tasks such as accounting or other tasks they want to submit.

  50. Gardening

    Especially with large plots of land, every helping hand will be welcome.

  51. Live healthily

    Some health insurers award bonuses for a particularly healthy lifestyle

  52. Bonus TipBe creative! Check your surroundings around where and how you can make money or ask friends and acquaintances if they have any tips for you.

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Making money quickly is not always easy or serious.