Ask in the forehead: you’re happy with your salary today? I would not like you to enlarge and improve working conditions?
If you are satisfied with the current state of affairs, can only rejoice over you. If not, advise trade binary options as a great way to ACHIEVE SUCCESS.
Earnings on the Internet becomes an increasingly popular source of income for many people. However, most residents of Russia and CIS countries remain “realistic” and mistakenly believe that the network earns a lot of Money. Because of this underestimation occur and other myths.
For example, the misconception that successfully trades on binary options can anyone got its dissemination it is through people, nothing crazy in Internet-trading.
In fact, such trafficking needs serious preparation.

Basic knowledge. What it includes?

The first thing I want to suggest: read my blog. It is specifically created to make it easier for newcomers to navigate in the trade.
The second is before you spend your first transaction, a person should undergo training business on binary options. Make it easy, so good brokers create such learning programs on your sites.
As a rule, the training course includes basic operations, revealing the purely technical aspects. «Tutorial» explains newbie, how does trading platform give newbies a core set of knowledge.
Having studied at the site of a broker, a person learns the following:
  • What do those or other elements of the trading interface;
  • How to choose an asset;
  • How do u stop the amount of the transaction;
  • What happens after you click on the button Put and Call.
Of course, this is useful information. If no such training, a beginner would hardly manage to understand the interface fields and to conduct the transaction. But we need to understand that all this information is in no way increases the chance of winning.
Know the theory — does not mean to succeed in practice!
Even if a person will learn by heart interface trading platform, as Soviet schoolchildren-periodic table, it doesn’t help him predict the movement of prices or create a winning strategy. All he knows is the terms and numbers. Certainly, they are important, but these are only the most basic knowledge.

What you need to learn to successfully trade?

To become a successful trader, you need to work with mental and 

analytical sides of the issue.
Technical information should be left in the past: its a bit, and its development of 1-2 enough hours. Much more important than other things, namely:
  1. The ability to predict price movementIt is a key element that enables you to increase the chance of successful trading. Without the ability to predict people will never be able to earn on binary options (well, except that he is very much lucky).
  2. The ability to stick to the chosen strategyCreate your own strategy from scratch is still that reinvent the wheel. But choose among existing strategies-a vital thing. It is trading strategy is a crucial moment, allowing you to reduce the number of purely mathematical failed, losing trades.
  3. Understanding why the price is changing, why it moves in one direction or another. Some honest brokers tell stories about it in training, but still have to examine this issue, as it should be poring over.
  4. Ability to apply the experience gained in practice and embody it in increasing the percentage of successful transactions. It is worth to understand that a successful trader became so precisely because of his experience.
First, you need to arm yourself with information that will allow keeping the percentage of winning trades at the level 50-51%. Improvement will come with experience, and it is inevitable.
It is important! People who say something like “obuchu trading binary options free of charge”, most often lie. Information is very broad, and it should be, including yourself.
Of course, for the money, many experienced traders will be able to offer newbies a sample of the most important and useful data. But if you spend money you don’t want to, it is better to study the materials themselves than trust the opinion of Gore-social assistants.

How to improve trading skills?

Still, say that paying someone for education makes no sense. To successfully use as revenue binary options, tuition-free would be a sufficient step. Anyone can learn all the necessary information on 3-5 days.

But there is an important point. Learn to with no less diligence than in preparing for the exam. Everything that you may need, you need to remember.

The first stage is a theoretical

As mentioned earlier, at the beginning of training a person should learn the theory. The main points that require attention:
  • the study of how financial markets work on what factors influenced asset prices on the market;
  • study of binary options themselves in the plane of the financial market;
  • reading specialized literature (usually good brokers it is free and can be downloaded directly from the site).
When all the above information had already mastered, you can proceed with the detailed study of the binaries themselves:
  • Mastering different types of contracts;
  • understanding the pros and cons of different types of commercial transactions;
  • choice of contracts that are more suited for beginners;
  • trade strategies and choosing the best option.

The second stage is the practical

The theory is certainly good. But even the most profound theoretical knowledge are not able to bring a single ruble income. In order to extract revenue from the acquired knowledge, you need to apply them in practice.
To have implemented successful options trading, learning it is necessary to immediately implement, without postponing the transition to practical exercises on a long drawer.
Schedule of trade sessions sometimes throws so multifaceted and unexpected situations which do not accommodate no tutorial. So learn them, filling the first bumps, you need to practice.
The best thing to do is to brokerages that offer an opportunity to trade for money. Of course, such trade does not bring profit, but it will not lose real money.
HERE’S MY ADVICE: Ideally you want to trade for virtual currency until the process does not become a semi-automatic and not coming a full understanding of all elements of the trade.
There are also brokers who can place bets ranging from 1 ruble. The truth is that lately there were quite a few.Virtual money is the best option for the first steps in trading. Ideally, you want to spend on such secure trade Liu 5-6 weeks and if each week increased the initial deposit at least 6-7 percent, then you can safely start trading with real money.

Third stage-selection strategy

How would neither affect the binary options online training, but the main way to achieve success is the choice of trade strategy. Follow the clear principle that is validated by tens of thousands of other traders is very important.

There are many different strategies that can be divided into 2 groups:
  • Math (this is a strategy to make the number of winning trades over a period of time greater than the number of losing trades);
  • financial management strategy (they allow you to define the optimal size of trade investment that people always had the chance to recover lost money and could not completely lose the deposit).
Strategies themselves very much, and describe them all doesn’t make sense. Find information about them can be found in specialized literature. Just to say that if people seriously questioned the idea of successful trading on binary options, it must choose a strategy.
Work without a strategy is meaningless. It is the same relying solely on luck, and she, as you know, always changeable.

Fourth stage-upgrading

This step is the last one, but it cannot be ignored. The fact of the matter is that specific asset prices hanging can change almost any time. If the price will be dramatically different, the schedule will start to behave not like led even today.
This is usually provoked by extensive factors, increasing of the macroeconomy. Refresher training involves the study of these factors, the ability to cope with them.
The main sources for the trader provide webinars and other training methods. Thematic literature also helps, but it doesn’t have to be booked for beginners. An experienced trader need is already more advanced materials.
When upgrading a trader learns about new methods of committing predictions and deals, finds and solves its own errors. Besides, “refresher courses” provide an opportunity to save time and money. Because information is received in finished form, allowing you to avoid our own mistakes.

Where to find materials for learning?

Newbie, who only came on binary options, you can easily find your way to training. The main thing is to choose a good known broker. On the Internet-portal of any of these brokers has links to special programs and literature on the topic.

There are free “tutorials”, is paid. It is clear that paid are more structural and useful, but also free material will bring their favorite. And here is to take information from untrusted sources should not be-it could be faulty or no longer relevant.
Highlight 4 ways to obtain educational information from the broker:
  • free and without registration;
  • conditionally free (need to register and/or make the first deposit);
  • refilling account at a certain amount;
  • after committing a certain number of transactions for virtual currency.
On the following sites you can find brokers with some tutorials, but them directly, as brokers, I wouldn’t recommend:
  1. 24 OptionThis broker offers beginners a free training course and advises download free book with introductory information. But his training center (a lot of which, incidentally, is not free of charge) and videos on the topic is complete crap, given how dishonest 24 Option behaves towards customers (blocking the account, does not print money and so on).
  2. OpteckThis broker is similar to the previous one, in that if there is a training Academy, informational articles and a few video tutorials are not reliability
  3. TradeRushIt seemed like a good book with interactivity and divided by the level of training of the trader (beginner or advanced) tutorials and video tutorials. But the broker is far from ideal: deceiving clients support ignores the appeals from the output amount half may go somewhere …
  4. Dragon OptionsTrade school on the site, in which there are free and paid eBooks, courses, video tutorials and webinars. But can I trust these materials, taking into account the fact that the broker most of the players is called a “cheater”