How I lost money in binary option

Contrary to what we normally read in Blogs and Sites about Investments, the truth is that many people lose money, especially in the beginning.

We are deluded by the facilities and advantages that advertise and tell us fantastic stories about how they made money in a short time and without difficulty.

I tell here my story, a real story that happens to many others like me – as I lost money in binary options.

How I lost money in binary options:

The first time I traded binary options, I lost money. And I lost money very quickly.

I made several mistakes, the main was to think it was easy that it was not worth wasting time to understand and learn how to really negotiate.

I quickly saw that it wasn’t quite as they advertised on the websites and blogs about binary options.

How many times do we come across ads about business or investments?

How many times the information you pass is that it’s too easy? That you get a lot of money, no work, no effort? A Lot of times.

But the truth is, then we realize that succeeding is not so simple.

Who has, yes there are many people who have really success, had work, struggled and devoted themselves to achieve results.

I was led to think it was really very simple to make huge money quickly and easily.

The reality is that in about 48 hours I lost money, everything I had in the account.

The $200 I deposited and still $50 of bonuses that I offered.

The first day I negotiated 5 positions. I won four and I lost one. It was excellent. I didn’t have to resort to any special strategy, but to some knowledge I already had to negotiate.

I was a fan of binary options. I thought it was easy. I had found the system that would make me rich.

The second day , everything was different. The first 3 I lost soon. I insisted, with three more and I lost again.

I didn’t even think the way to negotiate the day before could not be working today.

I had quickly lost the profits of the previous day and was already at a loss.

After I lost 50% of my account, I didn’t even call.

I ended up negotiating without resorting to any particular strategy, without talking to someone who could help me.

I just thought it was all a scam and that the guilt of losing it wasn’t mine. I thought it was easy.

The guilt of losing money was mine. I just thought of the gains I could reach.

I didn’t think of the steps to get there. And everything in life requires training, dedication and persistence to achieve success.

There were still some positions that I clearly lost because I was negotiating with a Broker that was not regulated and as such, I felt there were some flaws in the platform that penalised me and so some of the lost orders, probably a good Broker would not have had the Outcome they had, because a good platform does not block as it happened to that.

At the time, this market was not yet regulated. Today this situation would no longer happen, as binary options were regulated in 2013.

Currently I have positive results, but to get there I had to learn, and above all, I was persistent and did not quit soon.

I had the ability to realize that the mistake was mine, that I couldn’t want to win without first learning correctly.

This long journey and experience allow me today to have the knowledge to pass what I learned to my students.

The success of my courses (see the students ‘ comments) is evident, and it makes me satisfied not only for recognition, but also for the opportunity to help those who, like me, believe that with work and dedication, one obtains results.

The training based on the triangle of trading offers the student the possibility to learn much more than a simple trading strategy.

If you really want to try to make money with binary options, be sure to look for a course and someone who will give you knowledge but also support and help.