Indicators for binary options trading

Indicators for binary options help traders analyze the charts correctly and are a necessary part of almost any trading System. Today there are a huge number of indicators. They all serve different purposes and are also used in different ways. For convenience, I combined the best indicators for 8 major groups. All presented in blog indicators for binary options are free. That is, you can download any desired indicator for binary options perfect for free simply by clicking on the link in the corresponding article.

Basic indicators

Base indicators-these are the most popular and effective indicators which actually should start an acquaintance with the technical analysis:

  • Moving Average (MA)
  • Bollinger Bands (Bollinger)
  • Stochastic Oscillator (Stochastic),
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI),
  • MACD.
Trend indicators

Trend indicators, it is easy to guess from the name, is used to determine the market trend and is considered to be the most profitable indicators for binary options. In time to recognize what is now on the market trend (ascending or descending), you can open rates on its direction and profit:
  • Moving Average (MA)
  • Alligator (Alligator)
  • Parabolic SAR (Parabolic)
  • Heiken Ashi Candlesticks,
  • Ichimoku Kinko Hyo (Ichimoku Cloud)
  • TRO multimeter.
Channel indicators

Channel indicators outline the border of price movement in order to identify the most likely reversal points. You can use them both during the trend (for the correction) and flat (as support and resistance levels):
  • Bollinger Bands (Bollinger)
  • Envelopes (Envelopes)
  • Keltner Channel (Channel Keltner)
  • MBFX,
  • Donchian Channel (The Donchian Channel/Price Channel).

Oscillators are called online indicators for trading binary options that fluctuate up and down along the vertical axis. Using oscillators can assess whether asset overbought or oversold and predict a reversal of the price.
  • Stochastic Oscillator (Stochastic),
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI),
  • MACD,
  • Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
  • Momentum (Momentum),
  • Stochastic RSI,
  • ADX,
  • DeMarker (DeMarker)
  • Accelerator Oscillator,
  • Awesome Oscillator,
  • Aroon,
  • Trix,
  • Trend Direction,
  • ATR (АТР),
  • Qualitative Quantitative Estimation (QQE),
  • Force Index
Volume indicators

Volume indicators help determine the direction of the so-called smart money concentrated in the hands of the big players (Marketmaker). The behavior of market makers needs to watch out because they have the greatest impact on price changes. Even if your strategy is built on signals the best indicators for binary options, but does not take into account volumes, achieve a positive result will be very difficult for the transactions:
  • Accumulation/Distribution,
  • Chaikin Money Flow (Chaikin’s Indicator),
  • Better Volume.
Indicators news

It is no secret that yields important economic news is always accompanied by great volatility. However, the traders (mostly beginners) sometimes forget to follow news that could adversely affect trade. Precise indicators for binary options news type quickly and easily solve this problem by displaying all the necessary information on the chart.
All indicators in this group by the author. That is, to use these indicators for MT4 binary options, you will need to download them first:
  • NewsCal,
  • NewsInfo,
  • Urdala news.

Level indicators

Levels play a very large role in trading. The correct definition of important levels helps to understand where you can expect a reversal or, on the contrary, reinforce the trend:
  • Murray levels (Murray)
  • Fractals (Fractals)
  • Zone (support and resistance),
  • Barry.

Indicators Of Price Action

Price Action is an approach to trade based on the behavior of prices. According to this approach, properly diagnosing reoccurring on a live graph model types, you can more accurately determine where next to go the market. The advantage of using models of Price Action is that even Super LEDs for binary options can lag and repaint, while the signals clear enough models in interpretation:
  • ZUP (ZKP),
  • Fractals (Fractals)
  • ZigZag (Zigzag)
  • 1 2 3 Pattern (123 Pattern)
  • Pinbar (download link at the end of the article).
Indicators without redrawing

It is no secret that most indicators have to redraw the property their signals over time. This is due to the fact that with each new candle on the chart indicator formula calculates the data again. And as a consequence, the indicator line also changes their position. There are a number of indicators, in which this property is righted. Download indicators for binary options without redrawing you can click on the links below:
  • RSI TMA Centered Bands.
Additional indicators
In addition to indicators for technical analysis, there are also tools that simply help to trade. And, roughly speaking, make trading more convenient:
  • CandleCountdown (closure of the candles),
  • Truly a Screenshot of Indicator (screenshots),
  • The indicator of trading sessions I-sessions,
  • Clock (clock).

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