Hello! Here’s what I have to say: in this article, I list several binary option trading strategies, through which you can earn good MONEY, including at the IQ Option broker.
But, despite the fact that it is a well-known company, I personally (as well as many other experienced traders) DO NOT RECOMMEND to use its services.

Profit from trading BO

Binary options are gaining popularity in incremental progression. This kind of earnings is easy and profitable. To earn income, you must only determine the direction of movement of the asset price within a certain time.
Profit will be received is guaranteed if you correctly make a forecast.
Options market arose relatively recently. Currently, originally introduced the product bears the name of a classic option. It allows you to get the most predictable income, for him, there are many precision tools.
Later began to appear various modification options that bring profit.
Why do I need and why so today in demand?
The product is popular because the trader gets the opportunity to receive income during the little amount of time, which is a significant advantage over bank deposits.
Selling yourself sets the time during which the checks made by the prediction.
Easy to use system allows you to master the principles and methods for a few minutes. Trade offers a platform with an intuitive interface available.
Each trader can pick up BRO era that provides the most suitable option for the trader platform.
Among well-known brokers of our time can be called the Organization IQ Option. It was founded fairly recently but has already changed its status as a newcomer on the market status of a professional brokerage, one of the largest in Russia and the CIS.
However, this popularity is a result of the work of the broker in the first years of its existence. Today, alas, it is no longer pleases users good trading conditions and high quality work.
So, in due time, the accelerated growth in popularity among customers have contributed to a variety of factors. One of the primary were democratic principles in doing business and a commitment to quality work.
As is the case now? With the precision of a Yes to the contrary.
The company organized its activities in such a way that the use of its platforms is not accessible to a broad audience. When this seriously affected quality: usability, providing operational support to clients.
To choose from a limited number of effective selling tools. No broker Toolkit enables you to apply a variety of tricks of the trade.

Contact IQ Option will cry then tears
Working with him, traders noted a number of weaknesses to other brokerage firms, on platforms where some tools simply aren’t available.
Here are some features you need to know to keep some trades:
  • available options with a minimum price of 1 dollar;
  • set specific dimensions of rewards on contracts, especially when it comes to trade currency pairs-however, they are low;
  • the weekend is carried out fully, but support is not always responsible.
To conduct any trade you should know how to properly prepare a forecast. This skill would be required when working with any brokers.
Learn how to anticipate possible by studying news, analyses, but it will require a lot of time.
Newcomers could come to the aid for trade strategy on Iq option. On other brokerage sites they can significantly reduce the risks. But on the Court the option risk so much Iq that, honestly, even the best strategy doesn’t help a lot to earn.

Strategies that you can use in IQ Option and not only

Binary strategies for IQ Option can be represented by paid or free options, sophisticated and streamlined, effective and ineffective. Need a better understanding of this diversity.
To do this, define that for properties should be the best of them.
For IQ Option is a win-win strategy involves the use of a specific package of tools in combination with regulations, recommendations.
But the combination of the words “a win-win strategy” and “IQ Option sounds ridiculous. Playing at this broker, you are doomed to lose!
All of this together would allow the trader to get an acceptable income. Note, however, that even when using the best strategies cannot rely on this site for profit in the short or long term.

It is difficult for anyone to start earning big money, not having the necessary knowledge, the acquisition of which will take time. Quick success is the exception rather than the rule of the common law.
At the beginning of the trading activities of failure can become the constant companion of a beginner, but in this case, it is important to not get frustrated and continue to improve skills.
Sometimes newbies get enough effective strategy, but throw it, failing to understand the principles of its activity. There can be several reasons for the failure: the lack of experience of the trader, the market situation of the negative character flaws in the platform.
This broker win-win strategies do not happen

If you decide to trade with an IQ Option, only usugubite all the problems. Even selecting the winning tactics and using all the possibilities of a better, you are unlikely to succeed here in this field of activity.
One of the main criteria to identify effective strategy is that it produces misleading signals. Used techniques can be simple, but their use requires skill.
It is important to realize what principles form the basis for a winning strategy: News, no lights or anything else.
If you decide to use an indicator, you need to know how it works. Binary options is not a book, it is impossible to memorize. To succeed you need to understand the market structure, be aware that sometimes it is impossible to predict the market, it is not amenable to mathematical calculations.
Even the win-win strategy of the IQ Analyzer Option does not guarantee 100% success, the mind will always remain the principal instrument of a trader. And indeed, as you have probably realised is better to choose another broker.

IQ Turbo Option strategies and not only

Among the main reasons why traders choose company IQ Option, you can call it iqoptionfx. Naturally, this fall I only newbies.
And the relatively high profitability can only dream of. Before it was possible to receive remuneration on the Turbo options. Today and it was unreal.

If we consider the forecasts on movements of currency pairs, the contracts for a week-long period could bring in about 90% of the profits.
However, there is one issue — broker muddies the smoke sauna and then lying to their customers. From a reliable platform this site turned into a questionable resource.
Turbo options, by the way, there are different strategies. For example, let’s look at one of them.
It involves the rapid pace of work in which there is no time for lengthy reflections about the development of the situation.

The strategy is based on what the Turbo options IQ Option?

First of all, let me tell you about the strategy options in General, Turbo because trade is a thing poleznejshaja BO.
It is known that the size of the value of the asset on the market affects its demand on the market. Due to the fluctuating course. If the number of customers increases, price increases with a decrease in consumer demand price falls.
The forces are distributed unequally influenced by many factors. In particular, the distribution of forces may change as a result of a major player.
Asset price changes will occur constantly. Even if the trader will have to deal with this trend, the price correction.
This situation allows you to use during the bidding strategy based on fluctuations in the market rate. The basis of the system is taken as a postulate that there is no trend lasts indefinitely, as in the direction of price movement up or down.
To work on this system can be used with any contracts of a duration. For beginners it is better suited for two, This will avoid haste and mechanical errors.
E Oh strategy it’s important not to pick the right option to purchase and take proper actions in case of unsuccessful transaction closing.
If the deal is completed, then the trader profitably simply waits for the new deal.
If the outcome of the case, you can do so:
  • Immediate purchase option with the same direction and an expiration time.
  • The cost of the newly acquired option should be higher.
  • Next, you need to wait during the expiry period and act as follows:
If successful closes to start all over again.
If you want to buy the option expiry time order above, at a higher price.

With good strategy even losing the deal is not yet defeated
Any unsuccessful step entails the acquisition of the new option with the same indicators but at a higher price. Income after successful transaction must cover all costs incurred in previous years.
To implement this method requires option with the amount of money that allow committing 5-8 transactions. A more precise number depends on the degree of risk that is selected for the trade. For example, when aggressive trading enough 5 deals.
For those who prefer not to rush on, chooses conservative risks to suit 7-8 transactions.
These strategies can be dangerous when trading with Turbo-transactions subject to long  trend, which will have to acquire options. However, due to the presence in the market correction in prices, could easily be a situation in which at least one option will be closed in plus.
What about Turbo options in IQ Option? Oh God, if you are nice to read it again, I’ll repeat myself: no matter which strategy you choose on this fraudulent site, you lose.

Option “minute”

This variety of options appeared in the West. They were appreciated by investors because they can get a 100% return on investment.
Here are the main advantages of this type of options:
  1. High yieldNow traders do not have to spend time in contemplation, making development trend forecast within hours, days or months. It will be enough to make a forecast for one minute. The amount of potential income will remain constant, as additional fees will not be charged.
  2. Regular execution of transactionsWithin one hour it is possible to issue 60 transactions.
Theoretically there are real strategies for publication and IQ Option, which could receive regular income, if the broker would be normal.
Among them the strategy of using the principles of martingale, indicators.
This same iqoption offers traders a limited selection of tools, disadvantageous conditions, does not enable you to efficiently trade these options with minimal investment.
The key to success may be choosing a broker (where can I get it?-read my blog!), picking the right asset and the compilation of reliable prediction on changing its value.

Effective tactics for beginners

In General, beginners will be useful for the following methods:
  • On the trend.
Especially often used on bids. Need to purchase a put option with a price that varies in an active trend.
  • Against the trend.
A trader studies the schedule to catch the moment of stopping the trend or the beginning of its movement opposite direction.
  • Hedging.
Designed to minimize costs, it does not use for earnings, as does not bring significant profits. The trader must buy the option, with the price expected to fall soon.
At the same time acquired an option with increased cost, having a lower amount.
  • Scalping.
This methodology is based on a thorough analysis of the situation, which can be done by using a schedule. In addition, a good reaction of the trader, it can play a decisive role in defining the successful completion of the transaction.
It is used mostly for Turbo options. Its essence is that the trader must track down a sharp increase in the trend, playing down or vice versa, if the situation is the opposite.
Risk no higher than hedge, but it is important to carefully monitor the changes.
  • Trade on Pullbacks.

Sometimes with the market changes, resulting in the price movement direction changes. Suppose it is reduced and confidently continues to move.
Sometimes the direction changes for some time, and then again returns to the old course. Rolled back. The strategy combines the scalping and tracking trends. It is important to pick up an asset, see motion.

All of the above strategy, alas, does not earn in conjunction with tools IQ Option.
This broker checked the time and numerous clients. And if at first he still showed some prospects today is simply “stultification” people for money.
In addition, not to buy paid strategy, promising fabulous returns. Always rely on experience and real indices.
There are pitfalls to be wary of because they are real traps for inexperienced bidders.