Is it possible to automatic trading binary options

For making money on the fluctuations of the underlying asset, you must constantly monitor the situation on the charts, analyze courses using technical tools to predict further price change and, on the basis of the data open trading positions. This way of earnings like not all traders.
More simple variant-automatic trading binary options. On the Internet, there are services whereby the analysis and conclusion of transactions are carried out in automatic mode. Consider what features of the work, whether binary options on slot machine profits and what websites can be used without fear of “merge” deposit “.

Description of the binary auto trading

The essence of the automatic trading system is to connect to the broker service or application that independently analyzes schedule and opens trading positions. From the trader is required only to make the trading deposit cash and provide data for access. In theory, this is the perfect way to get passive income, practical-a sure way to lose money from the deposit in case the selected option proves to be unreliable.

Automation is built on three principles:
  • Market analysis using technical indicators. The programmed algorithm performs mathematical calculations using formulas based on the underlying trend indicators or oscillators. After the match, the specified author signs of market entry is performed with the option up or down. The impact of such traffic depends on the effectiveness of the strategy laid.
  • Making a profit on the method of martingaleTrades in one direction with a constant doubling the value of the investment in the event of a loss. In this approach, the resulting profit sooner or later overwrites the losses and brings profit. This approach to automation requires significant amounts on the account and banned by many brokers. Because is only used as an auxiliary method of money management along with other types of analysis.
  • Copying transactions. This kind of trading machine is a copy of the transactions, successful analystsOnly the process not the platform of a broker, and on the third party site. Profit potential and the amount of profit depends on how qualified are employees whose actions are copied. Such proposals are usually unprofitable.
“Automatic” did not take account of unforeseen (force majeure) factors. Without trader participation system will not understand that currently declares economic news, there was a natural disaster or political event that changed the course of the asset. Therefore 100% of expected profitability during the automated trading is impossible.

The attitude of brokers to Automation

Earnings of firms that provide services for trading options depends on the performance of the traders. More money will lose the customer, the more you will earn. The company did not resort to dishonest ways, like spoofing, but Shirokov and not helping their clients to receive profit in automatic mode.
Eight out of ten firms explicitly prohibit automation. One example is Olympus TradeIn terms of cooperation with the broker has a direct ban on the use of third-party services. Users who allowed such a breach are blocked with discarded in favor of the broker all the available funds in the account.
There are reverse examples. The company Utrader, which is located in the ranking of brokers, does not restrict the user in the use of the services. But does not guarantee that the connection of automated trading will bring profit and not turn the loss of all funds from the deposit.
The best way to test the effectiveness of the system is to use it on a demo account. But that possibility did not provide all the services. It is therefore important to know how to distinguish the site with a really working “machine” from a scam whose purpose is only taking cash of gullible trader.

How to choose the right service

The above rules do not will insure against the risk of low-quality connection service for automated trading, but substantially reduce the risk of losing the deposit.
The safest option is to study comments about automated trading binary options. The presence of a large number of messages on the website says that he is popular with the customers. Positive feedback is good. But not all of them are trustworthy. It is important that the information confirmed the screenshots, excerpts, videos and so on. Negative reviews also not all are true. They write paid agents to reduce the rating of a particular service.
In addition to reviews, pay attention to other criteria:
  • The method of analysis and forecasting of the market situation. Low-quality and fraudulent automated trading program using primitive algorithms to analyze or act on the method of Martingale. That only increases the risk of “plum” commercial deposit. Better work program, which is used in the calculation of technical indicators. Even better is when you apply more than one filter and confirm each other’s signals.
  • You can test using a demo account. If the resource owner confident in their design, it allows users to test it on a demo account. Practical trading immediately shows whether profit or algorithm spends money from the deposit.
Another factor is cost. It is not decisive, but consider it necessary. Quality services do not require a fee for their use. Scammers usually require money up front. And the amount can be 100-1000 dollars. And guarantees of profit a trader does not get. Consider this question separately in the next section.

Payment for the automation of trading

Newcomers are often looking for sites for autotrading without attachments. Such proposals are not possible in principle, as contrary to the essence of stock trading.
On the Internet there are two types of automated services:
  • Paid. Before their use to authors or owners, resource trader transfers the money to gain access. Restrictions on a list of the available brokers no (except the firms themselves intermediaries). But minus that in addition to the payment to the author of the “machine” you want to make money on the trading deposit in the Terminal. Otherwise, execute trades and profit will not work.
  • Free. This is a good option for those who don’t want to invest a large sum for the start of trading. Automatic connection of the trader comes for free. But for those wishing to access must register accounts at one of the firms listed on the site of the service.
The second option is good so that the client chooses companies with a minimum deposit and making money, which is used for performing trade operations. One step, two problems are solved.
The owner and developer of a free site for automated trading profits, too. But it comes in the form of compensation from broker-partner. That frees the client from payment of additional contributions.

Overview of quality service for passive income

At present, there are 4-5 services-“machines” that bring profit to its users. The leader among them- robot AbiYou can use it to trade without personal intervention or a signal service. The first option is suitable for receiving passive profits. Consider more than it separates me from competitors.

Description of the robot auto trading 

On the official website — — is a detailed description of all features of this application. The following is a description of only the most significant points:
  • The service works automatically and Adviser. Trader customizes robot to carry out operations or provide background information that confirms or refute your own analysis. In the “Advisor” user insures itself against “plum” deposit due to incorrect operation. But open positions will have to be in manual mode.
  • There is a possibility to connect the service to terminals and 2-3 brokers. List of firms with which it cooperates “automatic”, presented on the site.
  • For the analysis of the market situation and decide on buying options Abi uses 6 technical indicators. The user specifies the ones that should be active. The more instruments involved, the analysis more carefully, but less than the number of entries in the market.
  • In addition to the analysis of graphs, Abi uses system capital management. Using the classic investment scheme (when in one position goes a percentage of the deposit), the method of martingale (only as a helper) and Fibonacci levels. The trader determines the level of risk and specifies the active systems in the settings before you start trading.

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